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 Subject: POSER's units

Desiderius opened this issue on Mar 01, 2009 · 44 posts

  EnglishBob ( posted at 6:01AM Fri, 20 March 2009 · edited on 6:03AM Fri, 20 March 2009

After some research, and some thinking, I've come to the conclusion that Poser's scale *always* *has been* 1 PNU = 103.2 inches. Here's why. Quoting page 167 of the Poser 4 manual: *"When importing DXF format files, Poser considers one DXF unit equal to the male figure’s height -- about six feet."* The community reasonably assumed from this that the current male figure of the day (affectionately known as the Poser Dork) was supposed to be six feet tall. This isn't actually so. As we've already established in this thread, the infamous import dialogue box sets the scaling of your imported mesh relative to its own internal idea of a standard figure, not relative to the size of your mesh. Whatever you import, if you enter 100% in this box, the model will end up in Poser 0.6975 PNU high. I don't know what figure height that is, but it isn't the P4 man, who is about 0.75 PNU high. Now if we take this "standard figure" as the six-foot norm, that makes Poser's internal scale at the time of Poser 3 and 4 to be 1 PNU = 103.226 inches - close enough to 103.2 for me, at any rate. If we work the maths backwards, then the 100% import gives you an object which is 0.6975 * 103.2 = 71.982 inches. I can accept that as being "about six feet" quite easily. Even the Poser Dork is 6' 5" tall by this scale, and Posette is 6' 1", so you can see that the rot set in early on. No point in blaming DAZ for making V4 6' 4" tall, they just built upon what was already there... I've been writing a sort of essay-cum-green paper on the subject of scale. It's about time this was taken out of the realm of [religious issues]( and into scientific fact. :)