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  bagginsbill ( posted at 11:59AM Tue, 03 March 2009 

Right we're in agreement on what DGS is and why it is convenient. We're not in agreement on when it is convenient and when it isn't. I understand that if you set your display units to PNU, then you can dial in DGS inches in increments of .01, precisely. And that the mental arithmetic is easy. To go 12 DGS inches away from your original spot, you use .12 PNU in a translate dial. To go 10 DGS feet away from your original spot, you use 1.2 PNU in a translate dial. I never disputed that. Keeping your Poser display units in PNU and using 100 as the ratio to inches is certainly convenient. And it is only 3% different from the Poser Inch. But if you have to deal with the positions, sizes, or scales of other things such as displacement or P node coordinates or props made by other people who did NOT start with the DGS premise, items that are expressed as Poser inches or meters and not DGS inches or meters, this is NOT convenient. DGS is convenient if and only if everything you're working with is in nice round DGS units. For example, the very nice P.I.C.K construction kits are all built around integer multiples of a Poser Meter. If you want to build your own props to match those sizes, DGS will not be convenient, nor will Poser Inches, for that matter. In that case, you want to set your Poser Display Units to meters and dial in quantities in meters. Anything else is a pain in the butt. Similarly, it is quite straightforward to set your Poser Display Units (PDU) to Poser Inches, dial in 1 for an inch (a Poser Inch), or 12 for a foot, or 120 for 10 feet, and you'll match the other stuff built around Poser inches accurately and with no mental arithmetic whatsoever, stuff like P node units and displacements.

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