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 Subject: Modeling a braid parametrically

pjz99 opened this issue on Sep 30, 2008 · 17 posts

  pjz99 ( posted at 1:59AM Tue, 30 September 2008 · edited on 2:03AM Tue, 30 September 2008

Let's expand the range - basically, the period of the wave is extended from a range of -1 / +1, to -5 / +5.  Tmin is the value for the start of the curve, and Tmax is the value for the end - so X will range from 100 * -5, or -500, to 100 * 5, or +500, giving us a spline that is 1000 units in size on the x-axis.  Unfortunately the spline becomes all jagged - since Samples is still at default, the spline is being drawn with 20 control points, and there is no interpolation going on to smooth the curve.  Increase samples or enable Cubic interpolation, or both.

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