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 Subject: more Japanese freebies

infinity10 opened this issue on Jul 14, 2007 · 2019 posts

  infinity10 ( posted at 1:29AM Thu, 30 August 2007 

More Japanese freebie creators sharing here: [Military armour ( mobile suit style, almost )](  Poser freebie [Bryce ships - maritime and space !]( Use IE for the next one, it only works with IE web browser: [start]( Click Enter, then click on Freestuff. Loads of military freebies for Poser and 3DS-capable software.  Use the menu on the left-hand side to select the categories.  All in Japanese only. Please also do a real quick check-out of XPoser's blog and downloads.  There is a a very short freebie offer period starting evening Japan time 31 August 2007, according to xPoser's blog.  ( Link in my earlier post in this same thread.) And if anyone can help me out, please point me to Poism's website.  I need to re-download the Musha item.  ( not "Poser-ism", but "Poism".)  Cheers.

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