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 Subject: more Japanese freebies

infinity10 opened this issue on Jul 14, 2007 · 2019 posts

  infinity10 ( posted at 11:35AM Mon, 20 August 2007 

Acadia -  Seems like her website is optimised for use with IE.  Once there you get the pop-ups, scroll all the way downwards on the pop-up window.  Her freebies links are found in the last paragraphs of two of the characters, and the words in those paragraphs are all yellow, not just the links.  Good luck.  If using IE7, you can actually see the URL of the pop-ups themselves, which you can then copy and open in a new window.  ( you may need to enable javascript in IE;  her website doesn't work well if using FireFox nor SeaMonkey) OK, goodnight for now.

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