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 Subject: Foggy Techique?

Huolong opened this issue on Dec 12, 2005 · 9 posts

  aeilkema ( posted at 7:23AM Tue, 13 December 2005 

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There's another simple solution for fog and such and it's called WeirdWeather. It has all the stuff needed... gentle haze to add ambience to a scene, boiling smoke, eerie alien mists or fiery fogs, lightning crackling inside the clouds, or a rain of blood, it can be achieved easily. Fog, clouds, mist, haze, rain, lightning and rainbows. Adjustable strength. Works great, I've used many times and I jist love it. You can get it at the marketplace here or at CP, just follow the link.

Artwork and 3DToons items, create the perfect place for you toon and other figures!

Due to the childish TOS changes, I'm not allowed to link to my other products outside of Rendo anymore :(

Food for thought.....