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 Subject: Interesting observation about Poser6,Firefly, and obj Materials in re: Renderin

byAnton opened this issue on Apr 24, 2005 · 180 posts

  Spanki ( posted at 1:04AM Thu, 17 November 2005 · edited on 1:07AM Thu, 17 November 2005

>> Another thing affecting size of .OBJ files, is the firmat used to print coordinate numbers: how many decimal places... Yeah, I'd planned to add some options for decimal places in the future. Acadia, >> The only text editor I have is NotePad, and I don't think you can search in that one... Notepad, Edit menu, "Find..." option. Search for "g " (the letter 'g' + a space, or just the letter 'g', by otself). If you don't find any group records, Poser doesn't know what mesh to display for a particular named group in the .cr2 file, so the figure gets loaded, but without any mesh (invisible). If this is the case _before_ STOMP, then STOMP is not doing it. If this is the case _after_ STOMP, then either you don't have the "Export Group Names" option checked (see image in post #164, above) or, the problem is related to my post #159, above. I suspect that this only happens with 'some' .obj files... ones that have the issue listed in post #159 above. Message edited on: 11/17/2005 01:06 Message edited on: 11/17/2005 01:07

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