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 Subject: Interesting observation about Poser6,Firefly, and obj Materials in re: Renderin

byAnton opened this issue on Apr 24, 2005 · 180 posts

  Spanki ( posted at 4:58AM Tue, 19 July 2005 

>> " just might be something with these particular .obj files for some strange reason" If I had to guess (and not having the files to look at... I do), it's probably a problem in parsing the 'group' records in the file. If you have the original file up in a text editor, search on "g " (a 'g' followed by a space). Each of those starts/defines a named 'group' of facets. Some applications write out group records in a way that STOMP doesn't read correctly. For example... here's a made up, but likely situation: g figure1 head f x x x f x x x g figure1 neck f x x x f x x x g figure1 chest f x x x f x x x ...I _think_ STOMP would combine all of these into the 'figure1' group, so you'd lose the head/neck/chest sub-groupings (it's been a while since I looked, so I'd have to check to make sure). This gets back to something we were discussing above (starting at about post #122).

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