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 Subject: Interesting observation about Poser6,Firefly, and obj Materials in re: Renderin

byAnton opened this issue on Apr 24, 2005 · 180 posts

  Acadia ( posted at 4:28AM Tue, 19 July 2005 

I didn't find the answer with STOMP, because the clothing became invisible after processing the .obj files through it. However, your advice on adding a hard carriage return to the end of the text in the .obj file reduced my render time by more than 1/3 of what it was.... or is that 2/3'rds? Anyway, I went from almost 3 hours rendering, to 50 minutes, using the same light, hair etc. I will keep STOMP around and try it out on other things, it just might be something with these particular .obj files for some strange reason. Thanks again for your time and patience for helping me off board like you did.

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