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 Subject: Michael 3.0 T-shirt for FREE !!!

zew3d opened this issue on Apr 25, 2005 · 5 posts

  zew3d ( posted at 10:05AM Fri, 29 April 2005 

Hi Kevin. CLOTHIM software lets you choose any skin texture and overlay clothes textures on the top of it (similar to second skin technic). You are not limited to material zones and you can use for example lacy clothes on your favourite skin textures. CLOTHIM use layers, so you can mix and match all available clothes textures and you can put it in right order. If you wish you can for example put underpants on the top of the jeans and you can be sure it will looks and works perfect. CLOTHIM puts clothes textures right on the skin texture, so you can be sure it will works for all poses. This method has some limitations. Clothes can look natural, but its are not separate objects, so its can't be less tight. Best regards ZEW 3d Team.