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 Subject: Interesting observation about Poser6,Firefly, and obj Materials in re: Renderin

byAnton opened this issue on Apr 24, 2005 · 180 posts

  Spanki ( posted at 4:09PM Sun, 24 April 2005 

Anton, Try it both ways (by group and by material) - see which works best. Mac, I initially wrote the program to generate 'smoothed' normals between disconnected body parts (to keep seams from showing up in other apps). That function is still there, but the features expanded to allow me to fix other problems with .obj files produced by other apps ;). The only caveat is... I wrote this thing back in 2002 and I hadn't looked much at the code since then, so it may be slow in some areas, or may just crash on some files (?). There is a spec for the .obj file format available, but it is apparently open to a lot of interpretation (based on some of the .obj file output I've seen), so my program may choke on some files, from some programs. My Riptide plugin for C4D re-uses a lot of that code, but I did clean it up and bullet-proof it more - which is why I mentioned that it was more robust. As far as whether anything else gets changed... no, nothing of concequence (the comments change, uv-mapper regions are lost (but retained in the plugin version) but the vertex orders are not changed or anything like that). You CAN change some other things using the program, like consolodating UV vertices, flipping (mirroring) the model, etc.

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