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 Subject: Interesting observation about Poser6,Firefly, and obj Materials in re: Renderin

byAnton opened this issue on Apr 24, 2005 · 180 posts

  maclean ( posted at 3:36PM Sun, 24 April 2005 

Good sleuthing, anton! Yes, you're right. UV Mapper doesn't fix this. I've noticed this a lot because when I have a figure with more than say, 10 or 15 materials, I prefer to have them in a set order, so the user can access them more easily in Surface Materials. (I do this by adding a blank body part which contains the materials in the order I want them). Anyway, as I said, I've noticed this when I'm rooting around in obj files and it annoys me, but I don't know the solution. If someone could write an app to correct this, I'd use it a lot. mac PS I'll drop a mention of this at steve cox's forum. He's stil upgrading UVM Pro, and this might be something he could include. mac