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Community Center

Moderated by KimberlyC

Forum news, updates, events, and other items of interest to members. Also may be used to post notices or questions to the site admin team.

9657 84941 2015 Oct 13 6:38 am

New Poser Users Help

Moderated by jennblake

New to Poser? Ask questions here and get expert help from the Renderosity Staff!

50 309 2015 Oct 11 7:55 am

Newbie Corner

Moderated by KimberlyC, KristiS

New to Renderosity and need help navigating the site? Post your questions here

19 92 2015 Oct 07 1:37 pm

MarketPlace Customer Support

Moderated by jennblake, KristiS

This is the place for requests, comments, and help for the Renderosity MarketPlace.

9541 30453 2015 Oct 13 6:34 am


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Premium Tutorials

Moderated by MarkBremmer, jennblake

Questions and discussions regarding any of the educational Premium Tutorials

43 222 2015 Oct 07 6:40 pm


Moderated by KimberlyC, jennblake

This is a place to discuss reality 4.1, get help with technical issues from the vendor, Paolo, as well as discuss video tutorials that are available on Renderosity.

10 74 2015 Oct 12 10:01 am


Moderated by wheatpenny

3DS Max is a professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering software for creating visual effects, character animation and next generation game development. Join the forum and find out more!

9076 36302 2015 Oct 12 6:22 pm

Blacksmith3D & Texture Transformer

Moderated by fly028, Blacksmith3D

Blacksmith3D is software used for 3D painting and morphing (sculpting) and Texture Transformer is for people to convert Victoria 4 textures to Dawn, Roxie and Genesis 2 female and M4 to Dusk. Now you to edit your 3D objects like never before.

265 1259 2015 Oct 12 4:05 pm


Moderated by Lobo3433

A full functional integrated software suite.

1468 9440 2015 Oct 13 6:30 am


Moderated by TheBryster

Post your Bryce related messages here

25769 249319 2015 Oct 02 4:29 pm


Moderated by MarkBremmer

A good place to share techniques and informations about Carrara

7880 51570 2015 Oct 12 11:35 am

Cinema 4D

This forum is for discussing the latest tips, tricks and finding out more about Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D by Maxon Computer.

12100 82651 2015 Oct 07 2:32 pm


Moderated by KimberlyC, wheatpenny, Lobo3433

Want to know more about DAZ Studio? This is the place..

4205 34094 2015 Oct 13 6:45 am


Post your Hexagon related messages here

677 5914 2015 Sep 21 5:09 pm

iClone: 3D real-time visualization and digital storytelling

Moderated by gToon

iClone: Create, animate & customize 3D character faces from any digital photo or image. Complete video, web, images or mobile media files as 3D content for DVD videos, games, mobile phones & more.

280 868 2015 Oct 13 6:56 am


Moderated by KarenJ

This is where you can discuss tips, techniques and find help relating to Newtek's LightWave 3D.

9092 53348 2015 Oct 05 2:13 pm


Moderated by Modulok

This forum is for discussing Autodesk Maya high end 3D software.

3726 18606 2015 Sep 24 12:00 pm


This forum is to discuss the software, Modo by Luxology.

223 1656 2015 Sep 26 1:59 am


This forum is for discussing MojoWorld from Pandromeda.

2087 11003 2015 Oct 07 3:47 pm

Paint Shop Pro

Moderated by wheatpenny

Share and learn tips, tricks, filters, tubes and more using JASC's Paint Shop Pro!!

2696 15217 2015 Oct 12 6:24 pm


Moderated by Lobo3433

Discuss and learn Techniques, filter and brush combinations for your Pre or Post work renders!!

4427 21699 2015 Oct 05 4:02 pm


Moderated by Boni, Kendra, KimberlyC, AmbientShade

Post your Poser related messages here

124282 1215030 2015 Oct 13 6:36 am

Rhino 3D

Moderated by UVDan

Rhinoceros 3D is one of the world's most powerful NURBS modeling programs. Come on in to learn new techniques, share old ones, join in a challenge or just chat!

18392 141702 2015 Oct 04 2:18 pm


Moderated by Danny_Gordon

Terragen is a scenery generator capable of photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation.

2923 19998 2015 Oct 07 10:58 pm

UV Mapper

Moderated by UVDan

Want to know the tricks of UV Mapper? Ask here!

712 6186 2015 Oct 04 2:19 pm


Moderated by TheBryster

Discussion, problem-solving, tip-sharing and other activities involving Vue d'Esprit and Vue Professional, e-on software's rendering programs for creating still or animated natural 3D environments.

16906 129796 2015 Oct 04 7:53 pm

Wings 3D

Moderated by wheatpenny

Wings 3D is a polygon mesh modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware.

3532 28710 2015 Oct 12 6:26 pm

Z Brush

Award-winning 2D and 3D image creation and processing tool, powered by a real-time rendering engine.

1020 4931 2015 Aug 08 4:40 pm


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Moderated by KimberlyC, Lobo3433, UVDan

The Freestuff Forum is intended for all Renderosity freestuff related postings within our community.

3639 29010 2015 Oct 12 11:21 pm

Industry News

Get the latest scoop on what's going on in the graphics industry. Read the latest press releases from the leading manufacturers of graphic arts software and hardware technology.

651 176 2015 Oct 07 9:12 am

MarketPlace Showcase

Moderated by KimberlyC, jennblake

This is the place for all commercial related product postings by active Renderosity Vendors only.

19963 90218 2015 Jun 30 12:00 pm

2D Graphics

Moderated by Meisiekind

Discussion, reviews, tips exchange and creative activities for those involved with drawing/painting on paper, canvas or computer for fine art display, textures, 3D over-painting or web graphics.

7261 93487 2015 Oct 06 1:45 pm

3D Modeling

The 3D Modeling forum is for sharing general tips and techniques for modeling in your favorite 3D software. It is meant for general discussions that can be applied to most any 3D modeling packages.

1975 15968 2015 Oct 12 12:22 am


Moderated by nemirc

Everything Animation for 2D and 3D! MetaStream/VET, Macromedia Flash, etc.

1850 6339 2015 Oct 01 10:26 am

Challenge Arena

Want to put your skills to the test, while learning at the same time? Well step into the arena and give a challenge a go!

622 6198 2015 Sep 09 8:44 am

Character Creators

Post here to share info and images of characters you have created.

1650 7548 2015 Aug 22 9:39 am

Comics Corner

This is the place to post your 3 Panel Comics, your 3D Comics, your storyboarding or anything else related to digitally produced comics.

1207 5052 2015 Oct 09 11:13 am

Contest Announcements

Check out Renderosity's Contest Winner announcements. Also, find out about other graphic art contests on the internet. Post here and place a link to the contest.

944 3014 2015 Apr 01 2:17 am


Moderated by KimberlyC

Great Art Theory for Mathemagicians

2530 14265 2015 Oct 11 8:36 pm

French Forum

Ici, c'est l'endroit des Francophones. Besoin d'aide sur un logiciel ? D'un coup de main pour naviguer sur Renderosity ? Exprimez-vous ici, mais uniquement en Fran├žais.

323 3841 2015 Oct 06 2:16 pm

German Forum

Moderated by wheatpenny

Das Forum für alle, die sich lieber in Deutsch über die Themen unterhalten, die es in den anderen Foren nur in Englisch gibt.

401 4409 2015 Oct 12 6:38 pm

Hardware / Technical

Have a hardware problem? Maybe a technical computer question? Ask it here and maybe someone can help.

2329 12416 2015 Sep 18 8:27 am

HTML and Web Scripting

Have a basic HTML question? What about JavaScript? Java? PHP? ASP? This is the place to ask your questions about getting your web site up and running.

802 3860 2015 Aug 04 3:55 pm


This forum is for discussing issues relating specifically to the Apple Macintosh platform.

1831 13153 2015 Oct 04 9:17 am

Mixed Medium

Discussion, tips exchange, and creative endeavors that benefit other Mix Medium members or those who wish to learn the finer techniques of Mixed Medium art through questions, answers and example.

85 193 2015 Oct 06 1:48 pm


Moderated by KarenJ

From photo basics, to shooting for textures and skins, to pure photographic art, you are sure to find answers to almost any photographic question here.

16603 178857 2015 Oct 13 5:23 am

Poser Python Scripting

A place for Poser Snake-heads to hang out and learn.

1610 9988 2015 Oct 11 5:08 pm

Poser Technical

Discussion of Poser File Format Internals and other related Concepts

3076 14394 2015 Oct 08 10:47 am


Want to talk about texturing? What programs do people use? How do they use them? This would be the place.

556 2131 2015 Feb 12 1:28 pm

The CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Workroom

Use this forum to share your favorite CSS information or seek help from your fellow members.

52 538 2015 Sep 21 6:30 pm


Moderated by wheatpenny

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures.

2208 12016 2015 Oct 12 9:48 pm

Conferences, Expos and Workshops

This is the place to post information about upcoming conferences, expos and workshops. Please let us know what events are coming up and if you are planning on attending. Maybe we can see you there!

261 1060 2012 Jun 11 12:19 pm

Beta Testing

This forum is for our vendors and freestuff providers to post requests to beta test new items.

46 203 2015 Sep 17 1:37 pm

Collaborative Film Group

This forum is for the discussion of a community collaborative film project.

17 47 2015 Apr 25 8:02 am


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Need a graphic artist for a project? Maybe you're a graphic artist with unique skills. Post a message here to make a connection.

2407 4597 2015 Sep 26 4:37 pm

Copyright Laws and Ethical Standards

Moderated by JeniferC

Want to learn more about copyright laws, ethical standards, and how they affect you as an artist and entrepreneur? This is the place!

1858 31950 2015 Sep 26 8:52 pm

The MarketPlace Wishing Well

Moderated by jennblake

Have an idea for a MarketPlace product? Would you like to let the MarketPlace Vendors know? This is the place!

1287 4481 2015 Sep 26 12:29 am

Suggestion Box

Moderated by KimberlyC

This forum is designed for suggestions from the community on how you feel we can improve Renderosity.

723 2735 2015 Oct 11 11:55 am