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MarketPlace Customer Support

Moderated by jennblake, PrestonW

This is the place for requests, comments, and help for the Renderosity MarketPlace.

10441 35732 2018 Apr 23 9:07 am

MarketPlace Showcase

Moderated by jennblake, PrestonW

This is the place for all commercial related product postings by active Renderosity Vendors only.

20093 90547 2018 Apr 22 9:12 pm

New Poser Users Help

Moderated by Boni, jennblake

New to Poser? Ask questions here and get expert help from the Renderosity Staff!

345 1989 2018 Apr 20 2:39 pm

Render Rewards program

Moderated by jennblake, PrestonW, ashleyvs

Questions, comments, etc

25 152 2018 Apr 13 9:34 am

The Story of Rendo

Moderated by Boni, digitell, wolfenshire, ashleyvs

"The Story of Rendo"

2 41 2018 Apr 19 7:51 am

The Story of Rendo: Q&A with Commentary

Moderated by Boni, wheatpenny, Jules53757, ashleyvs

Ask and get questions answered here about the greatest story ever told. Also, a forum to discuss The Story of Rendo.

7 34 2018 Feb 15 7:17 pm
Miss B

Where can I find?

Moderated by ashleyvs

This forum is for asking where you can find an item, a certain area of the site, etc

200 567 2018 Apr 20 1:12 am

Community Center

Moderated by wheatpenny, ashleyvs

Forum news, updates, events, and other items of interest to members. Also may be used to post notices or questions to the site admin team.

10609 92855 2018 Apr 23 8:14 am


Moderated by ashleyvs

Need a graphic artist for a project? Maybe you're a graphic artist with unique skills. Post a message here to make a connection.

2477 4717 2018 Mar 27 3:48 am

Newcomer Corner

Moderated by wheatpenny, ashleyvs

New to Renderosity and need help navigating the site? Post your questions here

177 685 2018 Apr 20 2:39 pm

Premium Tutorials

Moderated by jennblake, PrestonW

Questions and discussions regarding any of the educational Premium Tutorials

51 288 2018 Apr 19 7:51 am

Suggestion Box

Moderated by wheatpenny, ashleyvs

This forum is designed for suggestions from the community on how you feel we can improve Renderosity.

795 3069 2018 Apr 14 9:56 am

Changes wanted in the Community

Moderated by Deenamic, ashleyvs

This forum is for features, site layout, ideas, etc the members would like to see in the Community. This is NOT for anything involving the online Marketplace...it is for Community ideas ONLY. Thank you in advance

42 135 2018 Apr 22 8:55 pm


Moderated by TheBryster, Deenamic, ashleyvs

The Freestuff Forum is intended for all Renderosity freestuff related postings within our community.

3942 31161 2018 Apr 23 4:03 am

Poser Technical Forums - Smith Micro Software

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Smith Micro - News and Announcements

Moderated by nerd, jennblake, tdelchiaro

Smith Micro - Announcements and News

6 22 2017 Nov 22 1:17 am

Poser 11 / Poser Pro 11 Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Using Poser 11 / Poser Pro 11? Talk with fellow users of these versions here. Find help and support among your fellow users. Welcome all! If you have questions about Poser 11 or Poser Pro 11 this is the place to ask. This forum will be monitored by the Re

236 1544 2018 Apr 12 7:15 am

Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Using Poser version 10 / Poser Pro 2014? Talk with fellow users of these versions here. Find help and support among your fellow users.

77 441 2018 Apr 21 12:00 pm

Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Using Poser 9 / Poser 2012 version? Talk with fellow users of these versions here. Find help and support among your fellow users.

23 92 2017 Dec 26 2:42 pm

Poser 8 Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Still using Poser version 8? Talk with fellow users of these versions here. Find help and support among your fellow users.

3 8 2017 Sep 25 8:23 pm

Poser 7 Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Poser 7 user? You need help, advice, tutorial links or advice on upgrading? You're arrived at the right place! Welcome.

5 23 2018 Apr 09 7:46 am

Poser 4, 5 & 6 Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Still using Poser version 4, 5 or 6? Talk with fellow users of these versions here. Find help and support among your fellow users.

3 14 2018 Jan 19 5:12 am

Moho Pro 12 (Anime Studio)

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Moho Pro 12 and Anime Studio Technical Forum

-1 -1 2017 Feb 10 5:15 am

Clip Studio Paint Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

Manga Studio User? Talk with fellow users here. Find help and support among your fellow users.

12 88 2018 Apr 19 12:50 pm

MotionArtist Technical

Moderated by nerd, jennblake

User of Motion Artist? Talk with fellow users of these versions here. Find help and support among your fellow users

0 0 (none)

Genesis 3 to Poser-FREE Utility Help

Moderated by jennblake, ashleyvs

willdial & luluee Answers- Help and Support for Genesis 3 To Poser Utility

61 517 2018 Apr 13 7:49 pm


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Copyright Laws and Ethical Standards

Moderated by jennblake

Want to learn more about copyright laws, ethical standards, and how they affect you as an artist and entrepreneur? This is the place!

1866 31989 2018 Feb 09 11:25 pm
Anthony Appleyard

The MarketPlace Wishing Well

Moderated by jennblake, PrestonW

Have an idea for a MarketPlace product? Would you like to let the MarketPlace Vendors know? This is the place!

1362 4681 2018 Apr 22 2:14 pm


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Moderated by wheatpenny, Lobo3433, ashleyvs

This forum was created to discuss 2D programs, tips, etc

50 65 2018 Apr 20 1:20 pm


Moderated by Lobo3433

A place to discuss different 3D software programs such as Hexagon, Modo, Rhino 3D, Wings 3D and much more!

44 132 2018 Apr 21 5:22 pm

Marvelous Designer

Moderated by 3DFineries, Deenamic, ashleyvs

A place to ask questions and share your own Marvelous Designs

78 229 2018 Apr 23 5:45 am


Moderated by wheatpenny

3DS Max is a professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering software for creating visual effects, character animation and next generation game development. Join the forum and find out more!

9189 36614 2018 Apr 20 2:40 pm

Blacksmith3D & Texture Transformer Support

Moderated by fly028, Blacksmith3D

Blacksmith3D is software used for 3D painting and morphing (sculpting) and Texture Transformer is for people to convert Victoria 4 textures to Dawn, Roxie and Genesis 2 female and M4 to Dusk. Now you to edit your 3D objects like never before.

479 2499 2018 Apr 22 9:11 am


Moderated by TheBryster, Lobo3433

A full functional integrated software suite.

1814 11544 2018 Apr 21 6:02 pm


Moderated by TheBryster

Post your Bryce related messages here

25858 249797 2018 Apr 21 5:58 pm


A good place to share techniques and informations about Carrara

8071 53485 2018 Apr 21 1:33 pm

Cinema 4D

This forum is for discussing the latest tips, tricks and finding out more about Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D by Maxon Computer.

12135 82769 2018 Apr 15 7:21 am


Moderated by wheatpenny

Want to know more about DAZ Studio? This is the place..

5030 39736 2018 Apr 23 9:07 am

Filter Forge

Moderated by wolfenshire

Whether editing photos, creating filters and textures, stand alone or as a photoshop plugin, this is the place to discuss all things Filter Forge.

17 67 2018 Mar 14 3:50 pm

iClone: 3D real-time visualization and digital storytelling

iClone: Create, animate & customize 3D character faces from any digital photo or image. Complete video, web, images or mobile media files as 3D content for DVD videos, games, mobile phones & more.

330 1071 2018 Mar 25 5:18 am


This is where you can discuss tips, techniques and find help relating to Newtek's LightWave 3D.

9100 53436 2018 Apr 11 8:36 pm


Moderated by Lobo3433

This forum is for discussing Autodesk Maya high end 3D software.

3801 18779 2018 Apr 20 1:21 pm


This forum is for discussing MojoWorld from Pandromeda.

2157 11762 2018 Apr 23 6:08 am

Paint Shop Pro

Moderated by wheatpenny

Share and learn tips, tricks, filters, tubes and more using JASC's Paint Shop Pro!!

2765 15316 2018 Apr 20 2:41 pm


Moderated by Deenamic

Discuss and learn Techniques, filter and brush combinations for your Pre or Post work renders!!

4554 22104 2018 Apr 22 9:14 pm


Moderated by Boni, Kendra

Post your Poser related messages here

126128 1239372 2018 Apr 23 9:02 am


Moderated by jennblake

This is a place to discuss reality 4.1, get help with technical issues from the vendor, Paolo, as well as discuss video tutorials that are available on Renderosity.

55 265 2018 Apr 09 3:11 pm


Moderated by wheatpenny

Design, Animate, Render! Create and detail design projects with the richest tool set available at a low price.

765 4093 2018 Apr 20 2:41 pm


Moderated by Danny_G

Terragen is a scenery generator capable of photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation.

3038 20238 2018 Apr 20 5:16 am


Moderated by wheatpenny, TheBryster

Discussion, problem-solving, tip-sharing and other activities involving Vue d'Esprit and Vue Professional, e-on software's rendering programs for creating still or animated natural 3D environments.

17026 130379 2018 Apr 23 12:42 am

Z Brush

Moderated by fly028

Award-winning 2D and 3D image creation and processing tool, powered by a real-time rendering engine.

1090 5205 2018 Apr 22 9:09 am

Virtual World Dynamics

Moderated by 3DFineries

Forum for Virtual World Dynamics help and discussions

126 2193 2018 Apr 22 3:34 pm


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Attack of the Clones

Moderated by Deenamic

Have you ever wanted to create a movie? Well, here is your chance! Help us write a movie based your interpretation of the latest "Clone Attacks"

32 38 2018 Apr 22 9:20 pm

Featured Freebie of the week

Moderated by ashleyvs

Featuring a new freebie every week...enjoy!!

62 77 2018 Apr 22 9:23 pm

Gallery Images & Sales

Moderated by ashleyvs

Everything you need or want to know about gallery sales & selling.

6 21 2018 Feb 08 2:05 am

Industry News

Get the latest scoop on what's going on in the graphics industry. Read the latest press releases from the leading manufacturers of graphic arts software and hardware technology.

669 205 2017 Nov 02 11:12 pm


Moderated by wheatpenny

Bienvenido al foro de habla hispana!

16 19 2018 Apr 20 2:45 pm

The Break Room

Moderated by Boni, wheatpenny, Lobo3433, ashleyvs

A place to hang out and talk about anything. The TOS must be followed when discussing topics in this forum. We would like everyone to enjoy this forum so please be mindful and respectful of others.

53 177 2018 Apr 20 1:20 pm

TOS reference and instructions

Moderated by ashleyvs

This forum is to refer back to when you aren't sure if something is against the TOS or not. This has what is and is not acceptable. There is also instructions and links to form letters that need to be used when contacting members when violations are made.

4 6 2016 Nov 14 9:47 am

2D Graphics and Traditional Art

Moderated by Boni, Kendra

Discussion, reviews, tips exchange and creative activities for those involved with drawing/painting on paper, canvas or computer for fine art display, textures, 3D over-painting or web graphics.

7301 93570 2018 Apr 20 2:41 pm

3D Modeling

The 3D Modeling forum is for sharing general tips and techniques for modeling in your favorite 3D software. It is meant for general discussions that can be applied to most any 3D modeling packages.

2055 16699 2018 Apr 19 7:45 am


Moderated by Deenamic

Everything Animation for 2D and 3D! MetaStream/VET, Macromedia Flash, etc.

1962 6698 2018 Apr 22 10:56 pm

Challenge Arena

Moderated by Deenamic

This forum is for monthly forum contests & challenges. If you'd like challenges and activities, step into the arena and give a challenge activity a go!

658 6295 2018 Apr 22 9:25 pm

Character Creators

Post here to share info and images of characters you have created.

1661 7569 2017 Aug 23 3:24 pm

Contest Announcements

Check out Renderosity's Contest Winner announcements. Also, find out about other graphic art contests on the internet. Post here and place a link to the contest.

966 3055 2018 Mar 14 3:41 pm


Moderated by ashleyvs

Great Art Theory for Mathemagicians

2552 14367 2016 May 15 8:26 am

French Forum

Ici, c'est l'endroit des Francophones. Besoin d'aide sur un logiciel ? D'un coup de main pour naviguer sur Renderosity ? Exprimez-vous ici, mais uniquement en Fran├žais.

371 4199 2018 Apr 02 10:22 am


Moderated by wheatpenny

Das Forum für alle, die sich lieber in Deutsch über die Themen unterhalten, die es in den anderen Foren nur in Englisch gibt.

490 4960 2018 Apr 17 4:36 am

Mixed Medium

Moderated by Deenamic

Discussion, tips exchange, and creative endeavors that benefit other Mix Medium members or those who wish to learn the finer techniques of Mixed Medium art through questions, answers and example.

173 397 2018 Apr 22 9:28 pm


Moderated by wheatpenny, Deenamic

From photo basics, to shooting for textures and skins, to pure photographic art, you are sure to find answers to almost any photographic question here.

16749 179911 2018 Apr 20 2:45 pm

Poser Python Scripting

A place for Poser Snake-heads to hang out and learn.

1664 10235 2018 Apr 13 1:20 pm

Poser Technical

Discussion of Poser File Format Internals and other related Concepts

3087 14430 2017 Nov 20 3:25 pm


Moderated by Boni

Want to talk about texturing? What programs do people use? How do they use them? This would be the place.

600 2194 2018 Apr 21 2:14 pm


Moderated by wheatpenny, wolfenshire

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." ---Anton Chekhov

2306 12517 2018 Apr 20 2:46 pm

Beta Testing

This forum is for our vendors and freestuff providers to post requests to beta test new items.

58 250 2018 Mar 10 10:27 pm

Unity and Game Dev

Moderated by donnena, jennblake, SchelleFire, ashleyvs

Place to discuss Unity knowledge, ask questions or anything Game Dev related.

2 2 2018 Apr 20 10:17 am