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 Subject: Dynamic-Plugin Cinema 4D and Poser

crusher0000 opened this issue on Nov 02, 2001 · 5 posts

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  crusher0000    ( ) ( posted at 5:13PM Fri, 02 November 2001 · edited on 6:34AM Wed, 09 January 2002

Will the new Dynamic Plugin for Cinema 4D work with Poser-Characters, imported via the ProPack-Plugin ? Im thinking about making clothes etc. for Poser-Characters in Cinema. Clothes which will follow the movement of any character imported with the PPP-Plugin. Has anyone any experiences which could answer my question ? PS: Keyboard not found, Press F1 to continue

  Lunic    ( ) ( posted at 12:50AM Sat, 03 November 2001  · @450996

Attached Link: http://www.postforum.com/forums/list.php?f=6

I seen this is the second question on dynamic's that nobody answered. You can try posting a question at the link above. I know there is people there that are using the dynamic plugin that will see your question.

  jflmkr    ( ) ( posted at 2:51AM Sat, 03 November 2001  · @451050

I just got dynamics and have played around with it a little. Haven't gotten to clothes (yet), but it's easy to use and fun. Maxon says this program was not designed to do clothes, and they say they never claimed it could. That's true, but most people will buy this because clothing is exactly one of the things people will try. I think users are very creative and will find a way to do it given time. The program is brand new. You'll also need a very powerful machine. I have a dual athlon with a gig of memory, and I wouldn't want anything less. my puny 500mhz 256 ram choked on the program.

  poserpro    ( ) ( posted at 5:08AM Wed, 09 January 2002  · @518604

Poser plugin Impoer into C4D has no substantial mesh in Object tab. Dynamics needs interactivity.

  wolf359    ( ) ( posted at 6:34AM Wed, 09 January 2002  · @518638

In a word ........NO

I have the dynamics plugin but time has not permited
me to fully explore it.
but based on my experience with trying to parent
objects to characters in imported poser animations
i would say that dynamics will probably ingnore the poser objects like everything else does



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