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 Subject: plugin poser for cinema 4d

bald3 opened this issue on Nov 01, 2001 · 4 posts

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  bald3    ( ) ( posted at 11:52AM Thu, 01 November 2001 · edited on 2:33PM Thu, 01 November 2001

I have cinema 4d xl7 and Poser 4 Pro pack SR3. I use the plugin to import an poser object ( pz3 file )into Cinema 4d, that works, but the model is gray when rendering. The textures don't apply to the model, why ? The materials are visible in the material manager but no effect on the character !

  DefaultGuy    ( ) ( posted at 12:33PM Thu, 01 November 2001  · @449360

Hi Bald, Please download and install the updated PzrForC4D plugin for Windows. NEW FEATURES ----------------------------------------- o The OPEN FILE dialog no longer appears, thereby saving a step when loading Poser scenes into Cinema 4D (Mac and Windows). o The plug-in will correctly generate materials even if the image maps fail to load. The updated Win plugin is now available with the new plugin for the Macintosh at www.curiouslabs.com. This build replaces build Brian Romero Curious Labs, Inc aka DefaultGuy

  bald3    ( ) ( posted at 12:46PM Thu, 01 November 2001  · @449377

I have this plugin and use it as i said, that's the problem. textures don't apply to the character.

  DefaultGuy    ( ) ( posted at 2:33PM Thu, 01 November 2001  · @449494

Hi Bald,

Then try this:

  1. Launch C4D
  2. Edit>General Settings>Texture Paths
  3. Delete the entry in TEXTURE PATH 10, and restart the plug-in. The texture path will now point to the Runtime:Textures folder, i.e. C:Program FilesCurious LabsPoser4RuntimeTextures

If this doesn't work, e-mail the issue to tech@curiouslabs.com


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