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 Subject: Limbo Rock! Lost Figure: Teray Yuki 2. Where can I get the base today??

consumer573 opened this issue on Sep 06, 2020 · 23 posts

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  consumer573    ( ) ( posted at 5:42AM Sun, 06 September 2020 

Terai Yuki 2, commonly called TY2, is one of those figures that deserved a better fate. I am told it was lost in 'Licensing Hell.' Over the years I picked up a library of items but cannot find my base copy as I migrate to Poser 11.3

Does anyone know where I can get the copy of the Base figure TY2? I'm willing to buy it, but it does not seem to be available anywhere.

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  Digitell    ( ) ( posted at 7:40AM Sun, 06 September 2020 · edited on 7:41AM Sun, 06 September 2020 · @4398746

Links to other stores are not allowed. The place you can find the product is at EFrontier.

  Kerya    ( ) ( posted at 7:56AM Sun, 06 September 2020 · edited on 9:26AM Sun, 06 September 2020 · @4398748

Sorry - I forgot about that policy.

More freebies for TY2:


  consumer573    ( ) ( posted at 12:37PM Sun, 06 September 2020 · edited on 12:40PM Sun, 06 September 2020 · @4398774

If there is a way to buy TY2 at efrontier it is not obvious. The only site I can find is entirely written in Japanese. And before you say it, I tried unsccessfully to look at it in Google Translate.

They do, however, appear to be a reseller of Poser11.

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  consumer573    ( ) ( posted at 12:42PM Sun, 06 September 2020  · @4398777

I thought TY2 was a Japanese advertising product added to Poser and then had clothing etc here at Rendo, so that's why I asked here first, because it was a part of Content Paradise that Rendo acquired.

Please don't let my Poser Game Developer Die.  ...Please?

  EldritchCellar    ( ) ( posted at 1:37PM Sun, 06 September 2020  · @4398782

Does seem a little tricky. Especially since you'd have to register there and the translations aren't 100% by a long shot.

I remember buying her at content paradise. She was very expensive, 30 bucks If I recall correctly. There's a lot of content for the figure if you dig around enough. I remember I got a bit of stuff from RDNA too. NearMe is also at efrontier now...

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  randym77    ( ) ( posted at 5:32PM Sun, 06 September 2020 · edited on 5:34PM Sun, 06 September 2020 · @4398800

It is for sale at eFrontier. It says it's $39 for the Terai Yuki figure pack, $35 without tax. (As a nonresident of Japan, you may be exempt from the tax?)

E-Frontier didn't turn everything over when they sold Poser. NearMe is another figure they kept the rights to, and are selling in Japan.

Your best bet might be to check your hard drives/backups for the base figure. I have files called TeraiYuki.zip, TeraiYuki-HR.zip, and TeraiYuki 2.zip. The first is dated August 2005, the latter two October 2005. Maybe that will help your search?

  Deecey    ( ) ( posted at 1:53AM Mon, 07 September 2020 · edited on 1:55AM Mon, 07 September 2020 · @4398823

EFrontier never passed on the rights to Terai Yuki after Poser was sold to Smith Micro, and therefore the rights were not passed on to Renderosity either. That's probably the main reason she never grew past TY version 2.

EFrontier seems to be the only place you can get her now.

  Deecey    ( ) ( posted at 2:11AM Mon, 07 September 2020  · @4398824

Yeah Terai Yuki 2 dates back to 2005. SM took Poser over some time between Dec 2006 (Poser 7 release by EFrontier) and May 2008 (Poser Pro release by SM)

  WandW    ( ) ( posted at 8:29AM Mon, 07 September 2020  · @4398832

Deecey posted at 9:26AM Mon, 07 September 2020 - #4398824

Yeah Terai Yuki 2 dates back to 2005. SM took Poser over some time between Dec 2006 (Poser 7 release by EFrontier) and May 2008 (Poser Pro release by SM)

Announced November 19th 2007, finalized on the 30th...

Smith Micro Software Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), today announced that it will add the popular e frontier 3D graphic and animation solutions Poser®, Anime Studio™ and Manga Studio™ to its growing lineup of consumer-focused products. Smith Micro will acquire ownership and distribution rights of certain e frontier assets for $6 million in cash and anticipates the deal to be immediately accretive upon close of transaction, expected in the fourth quarter of 2007.



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  NikKelly    ( ) ( posted at 4:29PM Mon, 07 September 2020  · @4398876

YMMV but, IIRC, TY's original franchise agreement 'locked in' that now-daft price for TY2. Intent to restrict dilution of the intellectual property ??

I've a folder full of freebies, never bought the absurdly over-priced base...

A shame, as TY2 is so very cute and, yes, probably inspired a generation of MMD figures...

  randym77    ( ) ( posted at 6:25PM Mon, 07 September 2020  · @4398887

I bought Terai Yuki for $19.99. It was $39.99 at Content Paradise, but they had an introductory 50% off coupon.

  EClark1894    ( ) ( posted at 11:35PM Tue, 08 September 2020  · @4398970

It's Limbo Rocky, a chip off the block of your favorite, Limbo, Limbo Rock!

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  EClark1894    ( ) ( posted at 11:37PM Tue, 08 September 2020  · @4398971

randym77 posted at 12:36AM Wed, 09 September 2020 - #4398887

I bought Terai Yuki for $19.99. It was $39.99 at Content Paradise, but they had an introductory 50% off coupon.

I honestly never got what people saw in Terai Yuki. She looks terrible to me.

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  randym77    ( ) ( posted at 6:26AM Wed, 09 September 2020  · @4398984

EClark1894 posted at 6:22AM Wed, 09 September 2020 - #4398971

randym77 posted at 12:36AM Wed, 09 September 2020 - #4398887

I bought Terai Yuki for $19.99. It was $39.99 at Content Paradise, but they had an introductory 50% off coupon.

I honestly never got what people saw in Terai Yuki. She looks terrible to me.

I think she's cute, but honestly, I think the reason I bought her was because of the general hype, and the coupon. I was not into toonish renders at all back then.

I'm one of those people who can't resist a sale. Just in case. I might need it later! :2049:

I find her difficult to pose. She is an older figure, but as I recall, I found her difficult to pose even by 2005 standards.

  Penguinisto    ( ) ( posted at 11:50AM Wed, 09 September 2020  · @4399002

It's nearly $40 (after exchange rate) at E-frontier (around 4200 yen or so). You can find a massive listing of freebies for TY2 here: https://poserdazfreebies.miraheze.org/wiki/Terai_Yuki_2

@EClark1894 - Actually it wasn't half bad in certain render engines (P5/3DL or newer) and under certain lighting styles. The "Babyface" face morph helped out a lot in this regard if you found the default face too un-anime-like or too blocky.

I don't use it much, mostly due to a lack of stuff, but ocne in a great while I'll unlimber it for giggles. Subdivision and geometry smoothing (err, DS stuff) helps big-time, much like it does for Posette, and even the creaky old Michael 2-based character I still keep around as an avatar.

  Kerya    ( ) ( posted at 1:16AM Fri, 11 September 2020  · @4399188


I like her ...

  FVerbaas    ( ) ( posted at 2:45PM Fri, 11 September 2020  · @4399265

she's cute.


  EClark1894    ( ) ( posted at 5:26PM Fri, 11 September 2020  · @4399275

I prefer Aiko3.

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  Kerya    ( ) ( posted at 2:24AM Sat, 12 September 2020 · edited on 2:25AM Sat, 12 September 2020 · @4399297

EClark1894 posted at 2:24AM Sat, 12 September 2020 - #4399275

I prefer Aiko3.

That's okay. I like both ... and a lot of other figures too.

Like I like all of my rendering software.

  Liquid_Ice    ( ) ( posted at 3:47AM Sat, 12 September 2020  · @4399299

Kerya, where did you get that beautiful dress?

  Kerya    ( ) ( posted at 2:03AM Sun, 13 September 2020  · @4399359

Liquid_Ice posted at 2:02AM Sun, 13 September 2020 - #4399299

Kerya, where did you get that beautiful dress?

It is free and available for different figures:


I used the Steampunk textures.

  Liquid_Ice    ( ) ( posted at 9:34AM Sun, 13 September 2020  · @4399370

Oh wow, thank you so much, It is exactly the type of dress i need for a picture.

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