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 Subject: Trying to catch up (general questions on Genesis 3, superfly n stuff)

Phuzzie opened this issue on Sep 01, 2020 · 11 posts

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  Phuzzie    ( ) ( posted at 7:33PM Tue, 01 September 2020 

Poser is different, but not so much that I can't get up to speed fairly quickly.

I have read up enough to figure out that superfly has/needs newer materials to render at same quality that I used to get from firefly (it just does things different).

a.) is there a converter? b.) what do I gain using superfly.. I was never unhappy with firefly (I mean, I am sure there were thing it could have done better, but over all it was good) Are the volumetrics better? Caustics?

Characters; So if I understand correctly, the last DAZ character you can get into Poser is Genesis 3. After that you are stuck to DAZ Studio. Yes? Who is Le Femme? Is she a G# type replacement (i.e. does she come in the character files for Poser 11?)

So RDNA is toast?? Thats a shame. Is BagginsBill still around somewhere? (anybody know?)

I got all this stuff, and I am trying to figure out what is still useful and what is not. (Anyone remember Semi and ShaderWorks, it was a firefly thing so I guess unless I want to learn python its not much use, anyone tried it with Poser 11?). I had the V4 to Genesis converter tools that someone wrote. but I am thinking those are not much help

In Poser I knew how to refit a hair cap to new figures and then be able to keep using it, Couldn't figure it out in Daz Studio (I got it mostly right and kinda lost interest)

I know these are probably .. inane questions, but thanks for any light that you can shed (if you have time to answer).



  randym77    ( ) ( posted at 7:59PM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398389

Bagginsbill is still around. He answered my question about render settings just the other day.

Superfly is a more realistic renderer than Firefly. If you want photorealism, that's the renderer for you.

Me, I still mostly use Firefly. It's faster, sharper, and my style is more illustrative than photoreal anyway.

Snarlygribbly has some Python scripts to optimize settings for Superfly or Firefly, but generally it won't be a huge problem. Vendors often include two sets of textures, one for Firefly, one for Superfly. Sometimes you have to choose the right one, sometimes it automatically use the right one.

La Femme is included with Poser 11. She won't work in older versions of Poser, or in DAZ Studio.

RDNA is indeed toast. Many of their products are now for sale at DAZ.

Some of SemiDieu's scripts work fine in Poser 11, some do not. There's some issues with older Python scripts, just because Python has changed over the years. There's some workarounds, I believe, though I haven't tried them myself.

  EldritchCellar    ( ) ( posted at 8:14PM Tue, 01 September 2020 · edited on 8:14PM Tue, 01 September 2020 · @4398393

Most of those old scripts can be run if you have AVFix installed.

Bagginsbill does a sort of magically appear and disappear thing nowadays. Like the Great Gazoo or something.


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  ghostship2    ( ) ( posted at 9:14PM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398404

I got P11 about 6 months after it was released. What I did was watch tons of Blener/Cycles tutes on youtube and then came up with a pbr shader based on one of the tutes. Check out Blender Guru on youtube. I have my shader posted up in the free stuff here and at shareCG. https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/?uid=23947 https://www.sharecg.com/v/86639/browse/11/Poser/Studio-Portrait-Lights-for-Poser-11-Poser-11-Pro

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  Phuzzie    ( ) ( posted at 10:02PM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398410

Thanks Ghost I will try it when I get my feet under me a bit better ;)

  Phuzzie    ( ) ( posted at 10:07PM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398411

Was I right about Genesis 3? Last working DAZ figure in Poser (i.e. if I want to try to use my more current content in Poser it is going to have to go an a G3 figure?)

  ghostship2    ( ) ( posted at 10:41PM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398412

Genesis 2 with DSON converter thing. Last native figures from Daz were the gen 4 Vic and Mike. Candice PVC.jpg

W10, Ryzen 5 1600x, 16Gb,RTX2060Super+GTX980, PP11, 11.3.740

  HartyBart    ( ) ( posted at 1:54AM Wed, 02 September 2020 · edited on 2:01AM Wed, 02 September 2020 · @4398416

Hi Phuz,

  1. "SuperFly has/needs newer materials"

Yes, and enough time has passed since the release of Poser 11 that there are now plenty of good packs out there, several for free, for the more complex types (e.g. beer in a glass).

  1. "Is there a converter?"

From Firefly to SuperFly materials? Nothing one-click automatic, that I can recall, though I do very little SuperFly. Most things do fine, I recall. The free EZSkin was quickly produced, which uses the original to create a new skin that works in SuperFly and it only takes about ten seconds to set up.

  1. "What do I gain using SuperFly?"

Sometimes, not a lot. You're right, Firefly is pretty good (in the right lighting). I noticed in the changelogs that SuperFly can now do Volumetrics, as it was added in a recent Poser 11 version (can't recall which) but it's not great. Probably works best in SuperFly if you PC has twin $800 graphics card powered by magic elves.

If you want big atmospheres, remember that Vue can still import and render a Poser scene fine, which if you have an old Vue to install may be worth a try. Ideally you want Vue 2016 R5 though, for the new major boosts to speed and stability.

  1. "the last DAZ character you can get into Poser is Genesis 3?"

It's trivial to get 1-2 in via the free DSON plugin, G3 is more hassle but the workflow is well-known. Some have a workflow for G8 as well but I've not looked into that. DSON may stop working with the forthcoming Poser 12, due to a Python upgrade. You can always get a clothed figure into Poser via a posed OBJ, of course.

  1. Who is Le Femme?

The base female figure that ships with Poser 11, and she now has a male mate (I forget his name). Equivalent of DAZ's G8F in terms of joint-bending and flexibility and many other points.

  1. "RDNA is toast?"

Yes, they sold to DAZ and most of their items are now in the DAZ Store at under $6, often going to $3. Some occasional pop up elsewhere, too. For instance Baby Zomb is now for sale on ShareCG. Also gone is Smith Micros's Content Paradise and the Vue Cornucopia store. But Poser World has returned.

  1. "ShaderWorks"

He open-sourced the GlowWorm multipass suite (search "pw-glowworm-source"), but it no longer works with anything above its required version of Poser (Poser 7 was the last it was updated for). On scripts, a Google search for "Python scripts for Poser 11" will get you to a succinct one-page primer on what works in Poser 11.

Hope this helps.

  Phuzzie    ( ) ( posted at 7:20PM Wed, 02 September 2020  · @4398490

Thanks Harty

I do have Vue 8 around here somewhere.

  FVerbaas    ( ) ( posted at 1:31AM Thu, 03 September 2020  · @4398518

As for converters of legacy skin materials to Superfly (and upgrade for Firefly to sub surface scatter) try out Snarly's EZSkin3.

  Phuzzie    ( ) ( posted at 2:36PM Thu, 03 September 2020  · @4398576

Thank you FV, I got them this morning I will give them a try soon (Still rebuilding runtimes)

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