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 Subject: Selling Poser Content - Viability

Black__Days opened this issue on Sep 01, 2020 · 6 posts

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  Black__Days    ( ) ( posted at 10:09AM Tue, 01 September 2020 

Hello all. I have some pretty straightforward questions, and would appreciate any feedback or pointers on where to find answers that you may be able to offer.

Is it commercially viable to buy Poser 11 and the needed content, then devote time to learning it, and then more time to making content for it? I understand that the size of Poser's user base is very small compared to the user base of DAZ Studio. What I am wondering is, since it's so small, is it underserved by content creators assuming it's too small to make money in?

Also, are the La Femme and L'Homme figures as good as their Genesis competitors? If not, what figures should I be looking at for Poser content creation, and for personal use?

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  CHK2033    ( ) ( posted at 11:29AM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398339


test it out yourself,

And a little advice

Just use both, dont close doors on yourself based on others trivial rivalry


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  ockham    ( ) ( posted at 12:46PM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398345

You can probably make more money (but not a lot) by using Poser or Daz graphics as part of a separate product. Books, comics, courseware (my specialty), graphics for use in court cases. There's a huge range of uses, depending on your own specialized experience and skills in OTHER areas. The internal market, selling stuff to other Poser/Daz users, seems to be pretty well occupied.

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  SamTherapy    ( ) ( posted at 3:30PM Tue, 01 September 2020  · @4398351

You'll not make much selling Poser content these days, unless you already have a stellar reputation. It goes without saying that, no matter how good your stuff is - or your rep - if people don't like what you make, they won't buy it.

I make and sell stuff for the fun of it, and if I make a little now and again, that's ok. My stuff is niche, anyhow so I don't lose sleep over it.

My main advice is, don't even bother making texture sets to sell. The market is saturated to a ridiculous degree and the people who make 'em are well established. Model new stuff and you're halfway there. Models have a higher perceived value than textures anyhow.

People will tell you they want clothes for male figures, or clothes for female figures that isn't slutwear but the sad truth is, it's the slutwear that sells. Me, I wouldn't even bother with clothing. IMO, you have a better shot with going for stuff that's not figure specific, such as vehicles, weapons, furniture, buildings and scenery.

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  FVerbaas    ( ) ( posted at 1:56AM Wed, 02 September 2020 · edited on 2:00AM Wed, 02 September 2020 · @4398417

Most important: take time to get to know the market you want to serve. Commercial viability is a relative thing: it depends on what other things you could do with the same effort and investment. What you can do with your time and investment depends on your personal experience, preference and situation.

Once you have made the investment of developing a product for one platform branching off a version for another platform may be a matter of marginal cost and therefore commercially viable. I found that with good tools for production the cost for developing the actual product is relatively small versus the total cost of production that includes the cost of marketing and promo's. Obviously, marketing and promo cost for a dual platform product on a dual platform market like Rendo are not higher than for a single platform product, so any additional sale because of multi-platform is money in the pocket.

If you are not conversant with the other platform you may consider to team up with someone who is. There is no law that says one person shall cover all disciplines.

  HartyBart    ( ) ( posted at 9:27AM Wed, 02 September 2020 · edited on 9:28AM Wed, 02 September 2020 · @4398440

Some of the best vendors provide content that works with: DAZ 3Delight, DAZ Iray, Poser Firefly, and Poser SuperFly. I've no doubt they sell more as a result. Providing OBJ and even a Vue VOB file would be "icing on the cake" there, if for example you have a large prop-based scene. A lot will depend on what you want to sell, and how good you are at making it, and where your passion and imagination is. Possibly also how good you are at research, in terms of finding out what's already out there and thus not trying to "re-invent the wheel". The obvious option for making content is fairly saturated: Walmart clothes on dial-a-clone gals. I guess they sell 20 copies or so, but I doubt they have much shelf-life. That said, there are relatively few really good total "I can't believe it's La Femme" makeovers for La Femme, and at the present moment she could use a few more tailor-made outfits.

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