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 Subject: Hair collisions with a hat?

putrdude opened this issue on May 02, 2019 · 10 posts

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  putrdude    ( ) ( posted at 12:03PM Thu, 02 May 2019 

I have a prop hat that's great, and long curly hair for a V4 model I'm using. Problem is the hair sticks out through the hat, even if collisions on hat and hair are turned on. Is this just the way it is? Poser 11 pro on Windows 10

  Boni    ( ) ( posted at 1:05PM Thu, 02 May 2019 · edited on 1:07PM Thu, 02 May 2019 · @4351167

3 possible solutions.

  1. 2 renders ... one with hat and hair ... second with just hat. Layer images in PS/Gimp and "erase" layer areas with hair to expose layer with just hat.
  2. Magnet ... from inside figure's head connected just to the hair and "shrink" the hair to fit under the scalp where the hat is. time consuming, but a technique Poser enthusiasts have used for years!
  3. Similar to 2 but use the morph brush to push the hair back into the hat/head where it won't be seen.

Look forward to seeing the finished piece.


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  putrdude    ( ) ( posted at 4:14PM Thu, 02 May 2019  · @4351181

Thanks Boni!

Bothers may that it doesn't work. Whats the point of collision detection. I have done the double render thing. It works. If i do any animation or multiple images, I'll have to try the magnet thing or the morph brush.

I'll pop something up here with the easy example 2 renders. If I have time, i'll try the others. Many thanks.

  putrdude    ( ) ( posted at 4:41PM Thu, 02 May 2019  · @4351184

sheen with hat and text.jpg

This is V4 with Julia hair and gunslinger hat. This works for now. Thanks!

  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 9:59PM Thu, 02 May 2019  · @4351188

It certainly does work. Nicely done, but do pop back in when you have time to try out the other 2 suggestions Boni made.

My only success was with hair that had a specific "hat hair" morph included. Unfortunately, you don't see that all the time.


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  putrdude    ( ) ( posted at 11:12AM Fri, 03 May 2019  · @4351210

Thanks! Sorry no chocolate. I will have to try it. I don't want to have to do a double render for every scene just for a hat. It bothers me that such a sophisticated program still has issues with collisions. Of course I don't understand all the coding required but this does not seem a difficult thing "to me," since you can identify each mesh with "collision detection." You should be able to know the edge parameters of each mesh. Oh well. What do I know!

  Letterworks    ( ) ( posted at 1:47PM Fri, 03 May 2019 · edited on 1:47PM Fri, 03 May 2019 · @4351213


Poser's "Collision Detection" is really only there as an indicator it doesn't (sadly) CORRECT collisions. The methods Boni said above are about the only current options in Poser. One point about the magnet is that once you have created the magnet for a figure (V3, V4, or La Femme) SAVE it. It can be reused at least as a starting point for other hats and other hair styles.

  putrdude    ( ) ( posted at 4:26PM Fri, 03 May 2019  · @4351221

Only there as an indicator???? That's nuts. I don't see how that helps anything. They need to fix it.

I will save the magnet and see how it works. Thank you!

  RedPhantom    ( ) ( posted at 7:24PM Fri, 03 May 2019  · @4351224

The collision detection is a little more than that. It does sometimes help with preventing one thing from passing through another if it's turned on and both items are set for it. It also works with dynamic hair, sort of. But it wouldn't help with your problem. It doesn't move the hair out of the way of the hat, like real hair. It stops the hat from moving down into the hair. So the hat would float on the head. Your best bet is a magnet or morph. You only need one render and don't have to worry about it showing up in reflections or shadows.

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  FVerbaas    ( ) ( posted at 2:53AM Sat, 04 May 2019  · @4351233

A fourth solution I have seen applied with success was to use a 'moniker': a transparent chest-collars/neck/head conformer with a dummy hat as a body part. That 'hat' would need to be single layer mesh with the normals pointing inward, and can be general shape, and have a morph from a shape in which all hair in default condition is under the hat to a shape where there is just sufficient space between the hat and the head to allow the hair to settle. If you apply the hair to the moniker, not to the figure, the hair simulation will use the moniker, including the 'hat' as a collision object. Simulate with applying the morph to the 'hat' body part of the moniker. The moniker can be low-poly to speed up the sim. It can be the shape of a head-cloth.

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