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 Subject: Just saw the announcement at HW

randym77 opened this issue on Apr 06, 2019 · 17 posts

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  randym77    ( ) ( posted at 10:46AM Sat, 06 April 2019 

They're only going to accept products for their own figures. Products for Poser and DAZ figures will no longer be accepted, and the ones currently in the store will be retired over the next month. (They promise people will have a last chance to buy them before they are removed.)

They also said they will no longer accept Bryce items. I honestly didn't know there still were Bryce items being sold.

Oh, and Dawn 2.0 is on the way. No ETA specified.

  aproctor    ( ) ( posted at 1:13PM Sat, 06 April 2019 · edited on 1:16PM Sat, 06 April 2019 · @4349569

A slight correction. -

Both things you mentioned in the first paragraph have to do with products EXCLUSIVELY for Poser and DAZ Figures, not with products that also contain a version for the HiveWire figures like Dusk & Dawn.


  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 2:58PM Sat, 06 April 2019  · @4349581

You beat me to it Alisa, as I was just about to post the same. 🙂


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  KarinaKiev    ( ) ( posted at 5:02PM Sat, 06 April 2019  · @4349594

Well - if someone absolutely wants to shoot himself into his foot: I won't stop him by trying to catch the bullet. Nuff said...


  randym77    ( ) ( posted at 5:59PM Sat, 06 April 2019  · @4349602

KarinaKiev posted at 5:56PM Sat, 06 April 2019 - #4349594

Well - if someone absolutely wants to shoot himself into his foot: I won't stop him by trying to catch the bullet. Nuff said...

Why do you think this is a mistake?

I assume they're doing this because they're making the most money off their own figures. There's DAZ for Genesis stuff, and Rosity for Poser and Genesis stuff. I looked at the Poser stuff on my wish list there, and it's all for sale here, too. Seems like everything will still be available, you'll just have to shop for it somewhere else.

  KarinaKiev    ( ) ( posted at 6:17PM Sat, 06 April 2019 · edited on 6:21PM Sat, 06 April 2019 · @4349603

randym77 posted at 6:14PM Sat, 06 April 2019 - #4349602

{snip} ...everything will still be available, you'll just have to shop for it somewhere else.

Yes, that's exactly my point.


  Nails60    ( ) ( posted at 7:40PM Sat, 06 April 2019  · @4349612

I don't think I've ever bought any character specific content from Hivewire that was not for one of their figures, so for me this does not seem a big deal, To me a more relevant problem is that when you look at the forum you see how many products Chris has in development which take an age to get released. Perhaps a more focussed approach to getting products out rather than starting new products might be of benefit, but I'm not going to criticise anyone' who has brought so much to poser, they obviously know much more about their business than I do..

  FVerbaas    ( ) ( posted at 12:28AM Sun, 07 April 2019 · edited on 12:29AM Sun, 07 April 2019 · @4349626

That's right. I think they do not want the products that support their own line drowned in a flush of products that do not support their own line but that in all apparently do not add much to business result. As it was said: why would one go to HW to shop GenesisX only stuff?

  Male_M3dia    ( ) ( posted at 5:17AM Sun, 07 April 2019 · edited on 5:21AM Sun, 07 April 2019 · @4349630

I think its about time that they did it. They have their own figures to sell and promote as that keeps their business up and the forums running. I wouldn't be surprised if they modify their forum rules to discourage talking about competing figures. It's been rather outrageous to see people start threads about new poser figures and singing their praises on a site that makes their own figures or ask people if they're going to make stuff for other figures. They may want everyone to have free discussions but people can be respectful to the site owners while doing it. I also wouldn't be surprised that these discussions threads didn't spur the change in what is being sold in the store, much less get them to work on the 2.0 version of their figures.

  drafter69    ( ) ( posted at 10:08AM Sat, 13 April 2019  · @4350032

seems like a great way to put yourself out of business..... bye bye

  WandW    ( ) ( posted at 8:04AM Mon, 15 April 2019  · @4350089

Initially I was surprised, but they know their sales figures, and they wouldn't do it if they thought there would be a significant negative impact. They wouldn't be doing it if they weren't expecting a long-term improvement...


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  tonyvilters    ( ) ( posted at 9:34AM Mon, 15 April 2019  · @4350095

Some people want V4 out of their way and one way to do this is to break the support items supply chain.

This works well in the normal world where things get older, used, and in the end are so rotten that they have to be replaced.

But nothing "ages" in this digital world. If something is "popular", it will be "popular" forever

Until something better comes around and each and every end user will have to choose between "investment" between previous and new.

  randym77    ( ) ( posted at 10:50AM Tue, 16 April 2019  · @4350167

tonyvilters posted at 10:48AM Tue, 16 April 2019 - #4350095

Some people want V4 out of their way and one way to do this is to break the support items supply chain.

I don't think that's the reason they're doing it. They're barring Genesis products, too, and surely they don't think they can kill off DAZ.

  Afrodite-Ohki    ( ) ( posted at 2:42PM Tue, 16 April 2019  · @4350190

I'm pretty sure they want to focus on their own figures, which I can't really fault them for. I worked with Dawn for a while and she was great. Plus, they have all the animals too.

  aproctor    ( ) ( posted at 4:48PM Tue, 16 April 2019  · @4350196

HiveWire is NOT barring Genesis products, nor is this an attempt to "kill off DAZ" or kill off ANY figure..it's just a matter of focus, as Afrodite-Ohki said :)

Maybe I can make this clearer by quoting from LisaB's posts at HiveWire:

"Going forward from here we will be refining our focus to be primarily on our HiveWire Figure Collections which include our HW3D human and animal figures, Songbird Remix, Nature’s Wonders and Lisa’s Botanicals. As such, we will be retiring certain products and also modifying the types of products we will accept for inclusion in the store."

"We will accept products for the most recent Daz and Poser figures as long as they are included as an option with a product that is for our figures"

Hope this helps


  EClark1894    ( ) ( posted at 10:32AM Sat, 20 April 2019  · @4350353

I think some people are making too much of this slight change. I haven't bought anything except hair and maybe a pose or three made for any figure other than Dawn in over nine years. And I don't think I bought any of it from HW anyway.



  yarp    ( ) ( posted at 4:06AM Mon, 22 April 2019  · @4350450

Maybe this gives the chance to smaller stores to sell these products.
There are some independent hard living ones like VanishingPoint and poseraddicts, and other smaller ones like qraffx and fantasiesrealm where you can still find V4 gems, and others I don't know of.
So good.

Yarp - author of P3DO Organizer for Poser


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