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 Subject: Aggravating Sparkles

arrowhead42 opened this issue on Apr 02, 2019 · 7 posts

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  arrowhead42    ( ) ( posted at 9:31PM Tue, 02 April 2019 

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out.... While texturing a model using procedural metallic shaders I created, I've somehow made it so that when rendered with the Superfly render engine, some sparkly things show up on the model. I don't know what they are or how to be rid of them. It has something to do with my render settings I'm sure but what it is, I don't know. Please see the images showing the rendered pic, my silver metallic shader node setup and my render settings. Any help is appreciated - thanks

Example.jpg Shader.jpg settings.jpg

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  ghostship2    ( ) ( posted at 11:08PM Tue, 02 April 2019 · edited on 11:08PM Tue, 02 April 2019 · @4349389

Superfly/Cycles/PBR: reflection and spec do the same thing. You don't want both being used in the same mat. I'd say just log on to shareCG and download my free PBR shader for Superfly https://sharecg.com/v/86231/gallery/7/Material-and-Shader/Poser-11-Superfly-Uber-Shader-version-3 Uber Shader 3.jpg

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  ghostship2    ( ) ( posted at 11:12PM Tue, 02 April 2019  · @4349390

Here is another example of my shader (on the bra) Briallen sunny window.jpg

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  ghostship2    ( ) ( posted at 11:25PM Tue, 02 April 2019  · @4349391

Just to address the original problem: The sparkles are called "fireflys" and they are (IIRC) the render engine struggling to render highlights from very small lights. Point lights will do this as will small, bright area lights and small mesh lights. You would want to use bigger lights, or light your scene some other way like use a skydome with an image texture to light the whole scene (like in my render above)

W7Ult, i5 2400, 16Gb, Radeon 6770, PP11, PSCS5.5

  ironsoul    ( ) ( posted at 12:15AM Wed, 03 April 2019  · @4349393

For simple metal effects the physical root node can be used and only requires two parameters to be adjusted. Set metal to 1 and adjust roughness to suit, 0 will give mirror reflection so probably want it slightly higher. Optionally, colour can be adjusted via diffuse node. Don't change the spec node, the metal and roughness settings will automatically set the correct highlights. Unless you want pits in the armour surface I'd modulate any grain effect from the roughness node.

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 12:39AM Wed, 03 April 2019  · @4349394

Reduce the bump settings a bit. Use Area lights. ( I realise you are using the processor's graphics capabilites and not a graphics accelerator card to render your scene).

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  ThunderStone    ( ) ( posted at 8:22AM Wed, 03 April 2019  · @4349406

Thanks for the link to the MAT! it's appreciated!

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