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Reallusion - Character Creator 3 - iClone 7 F.A.Q (Updated: 2018 Dec 12 9:53 am)


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 Subject: Frequently Asked Questions

ModeratorReallusion opened this issue on Oct 31, 2018 · 15 posts

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  ModeratorReallusion    ( ) ( posted at 4:11AM Wed, 31 October 2018 · edited on 8:14PM Thu, 01 November 2018

Did you encounter problems in installation or registration? Does the software run unexpectedly?

Here are some frequently asked questions for your reference.

If you don't find the answers from the links, welcome to leave a message here, or contact our Support for dedicated help.


Is your product code not working? Take note that Content Packs have voucher codes (8 characters) that do not behave like application serial numbers (22 characters). To redeem your content voucher code, please see HERE.

Reallusion Support & Feedback System:

  • Contact Support: where you can call help for dedicated support. We will get back to you within 2 business days.
  • Feedback Tracker: where we can all work together to make your products better by making your suggestions visible to all, having them well-categorized, easy to track and easy to implement. If you do find any bugs, issues or glitches in Reallusion software, please report them first in the Feedback Tracker.

We will keep updating the content for latest info.

Reallusion Team

  A_Sunbeam    ( ) ( posted at 11:04AM Fri, 02 November 2018  · @4338772

Will there be a Mac version of Character Creator?

  ModeratorReallusion    ( ) ( posted at 8:30PM Sun, 11 November 2018  · @4339562

Hi A_Sunbeam,

Sorry, there is no certain plan at the moment. It will be considered, but with relatively low priority.

  A_Sunbeam    ( ) ( posted at 4:21AM Mon, 12 November 2018  · @4339571

Thank you.

  3d-designer    ( ) ( posted at 9:12AM Sun, 02 December 2018  · @4341012

Is the CC Essential Complete Bundle sold here the export version? I have asked this a few days ago and still got no answer. I am waiting for a reply before I purchase the package.

  ModeratorReallusion    ( ) ( posted at 7:17PM Sun, 02 December 2018  · @4341054

3d-designer posted at 7:13PM Sun, 02 December 2018 - #4341012

Is the CC Essential Complete Bundle sold here the export version? I have asked this a few days ago and still got no answer. I am waiting for a reply before I purchase the package.

Hi 3d-designer,

It's the export version, but please be aware that the content pack included is CC Essential Morphs & Skin, not the CC Essential Complete Bundle.

  3d-designer    ( ) ( posted at 9:25PM Sun, 02 December 2018  · @4341056

Thank you for clarifying that

  Mendoman    ( ) ( posted at 9:19AM Thu, 06 December 2018 · edited on 9:30AM Thu, 06 December 2018 · @4341323

Hi, I have tried the trial, and transfer from Daz to CC3 works really nice. The pipeline seemed really easy, but I think I still somehow failed. I tried to export my model to Unity and Blender, but some textures are missing. Namely diffuse and normal maps. Also materials are all empty ( no textures assigned ). Is this a trial restriction, and paid version also create materials and transfers all textures, or did I do something wrong?

  ModeratorReallusion    ( ) ( posted at 7:53PM Thu, 06 December 2018  · @4341363

Hi Mendoman,

It's not the restriction for trial & paid (reference: Comparison of Trial & Full Edition)

We'd like to know what you meant is that textures are not exported from CC, or not assigned correctly to the Unity & Blender.

Here are some tutorials for your reference:

  • Importing Character to Unity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUtC7sgh5s0
  • Material Setup in Blender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjcHqgrNcaA

Please let us know if the issue is fixed.

  Mendoman    ( ) ( posted at 8:19AM Fri, 07 December 2018  · @4341383

Quickly checked the videos, and I think I found the problem, but unfortunately I don't have time until sunday to test it. I think my error was, that I had that embed textures checkbox checked when I was exporting from CC3. There was lots of good information in that video, like a premade little script for Unity import and in other tutorial also saw how to use those .ini files. I hope everything works smoothly when I use that script in unity and uncheck that embedded textures checkbox in CC3 export. Your pipeline seems really smooth all the way from Daz to Unity, and as soon as I get time to test those little fixes I think you got a new customer. Thank you for your help, and sorry for silly questions.... Heh, what can I say, real guys don't read manuals :)

  Mendoman    ( ) ( posted at 8:33AM Fri, 07 December 2018 · edited on 8:39AM Fri, 07 December 2018 · @4341386

Oh, and couple more questions... Do you know what is Daz/Renderosity stance with interactive licenses if we build our characters with CC3 for Unity/UE? As far as I understand, characters are retopoed, weightmapping is different and those characters or textures can't be used in Daz Studio after characters are exported from CC3. Of course same question for clothing items.

  ModeratorReallusion    ( ) ( posted at 6:04AM Sat, 08 December 2018  · @4341446

Hi Mendoman,

Yes, the topology & UV have totally changed to be CC's, so bringing back to Daz Studio with its native format is not applicable.

Based on the Content EULA of Daz & Renderosity, interactive license will be required if the final destination is Unity/UE.

Please keep us posted about your experience in exporting characters to Unity, thank you. :)

  Mendoman    ( ) ( posted at 8:45AM Sun, 09 December 2018 · edited on 8:50AM Sun, 09 December 2018 · @4341522

Hello, and sorry for the incoming wall of text attack...

I finally had some time to play around with CC3 a little more. My character seems to transfer to Unity pretty ok now ( rigging is set to humanoid and materials are assigned automatically ). Only those Daz custom eye materials are not mapped correctly, and look like a mirrors or something. I did not run any InstaLOD optimizations or Convert to game base operations for my exported model, but instead just exported Daz import result as it was out. Unfortunately I ran out of exports with my trial license, so I could not test if eyes would work better with CC3 character that has my character's morph, or if converting to game base improves them. By the way, do you have plans to update your character import script to support HD/LW Render Pipelines to save some manual labour? I mean, I noticed there's already some HDRP textures generated when you export from CC3.

All and all, I really like how CC3 makes low poly game-ready characters. It's easy to add clothes and build clothed characters with just a few clicks. Like I said earlier, I ran out of exports in my trial, so I could not test in Unity, but I still tested inside CC3 and even with 5k polys ( I think that's what you get with Convert to game base ) characters look ok. Those should do very well for AI characters etc.

Also I have to add that I especially love that InstaLOD tool, where I can just tell that I want to reduce polygons for example hair prop to 2000 polygons, and bang, there it is. Also baking details to textures is a great feature in InstaLOD tool, and merging UVs/materials is a nice way to reduce draw calls in that convert to game base function. Although I have to say that I really couldn't figure out how you could manually do those atlases, like manually select materials and then combine them. I hope it's there, but I just didn't figure it out yet. Probably have to watch some more tutorials. Oh, and speaking of tutorials, an extra thank you for those too. It's good to see that you have made the effort to publish tutorials for beginners. Coming from Daz world, where most tutorials cost money, that is a most welcome change.

But then the bad news....If we need to pay interactive licenses for those products, that are not even usable in Daz Studio anymore, it's obviously bad news. I checked their EULA, and apparently it's the same for morphs and everything. So basically I would have to buy interactive license for every morph pack that I use in my characters, and then for every skin and clothing item that I use. That makes it very expensive for small time devs to use Daz/Rendo content in games.

I'm sorry for the complaints ( I know this is not the right place ), but I just couldn't help but make some comparisons. I'm not against interactive licenses as is, since it expands my rights to use that same content in games also, but the prices seems to be totally out of whack. If for example hair items costs $20 in Daz store, the interactive license is usually $30+ on top of that. And that's for a single item, that is not even game ready so it's up to me to do all the work. For comparison, hair bundles from Morph3D in Unity assetstore cost around $15 each...

it's not any cheaper with characters. I'd need to dish out $50+ per character. For example from reallusion contentstore I get couple of characters, lots of clothing items and some hairs ( for example https://www.reallusion.com/ContentStore/Character-Creator/Pack/Anime-Character_AYAKA/default.html ) with almost the same price ( $69 export license ). Normal character morphs seem cost around $15 ( I really like Tokomotion's toon morphs ) and I can just export everything to Unity without any extra fees.

I was afraid this sounded too good to be true, that we could just transfer Daz characters to game platforms. Even so it's good that I realized the EULA restrictions before I got too far, and also at least I found reallusion content store as a result 😀 CC3 seems like a really nice program, but I have to start weighting my options if I really need any Daz content transfer options in it, or is the licence you get with iClone enough for my needs. Thank you for all your help.

  ModeratorReallusion    ( ) ( posted at 7:56PM Mon, 10 December 2018  · @4341585

Hi Mendoman,

Is this the eye issue you encountered?


If yes, the root cause is that the diffuse channel of cornea will be defaulted to be white if finding no diffuse map when assigning materials. You can manually fix it by following the instruction mentioned. We will enhance this part in the next version script.

And yes, we will support HDRP & LWRP soon. :)

  ModeratorReallusion    ( ) ( posted at 8:52PM Sun, 19 May 2019 · edited on 8:53PM Sun, 19 May 2019 · @4351941

Download the CC Auto-setup Tools for Unity & Unreal.

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