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 Subject: Everything Aiko

FightingWolf opened this issue on May 26, 2015 · 246 posts

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  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 5:34PM Tue, 26 May 2015 · edited on 5:34PM Tue, 26 May 2015

I would like to see new renders of any Aiko base model. Even if it's a work in process.  Show them if you got them.

This is from my Renderosity Gallery.  It's a custom Aiko 3 character rendered in Poser Pro 2014.  Material Settings for Character Here


  primorge    ( ) ( posted at 5:47PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205367

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

Not new but the only one I have laying about on the web at the moment, A3 and the Gargoyle Hound. Poser 8

  Redfern    ( ) ( posted at 6:57PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205371

I recently used Aiko 3 to depict a character I created some 25 years ago (or there about) originally in graphite.

Here's the best scan I have of a graphite based drawing (sorry for the small resolution)...


And here's the A3 version of her...


I combined pieces from several sets I had on hand, the most distinctive elements being the jacket and the shoes from the "Tail Gunner" collection.

I named her Miko Yakamura and she's part of the same "universe" as K'tharr Rauthimas, a female ailuromorph some of you may have seen in my gallery.



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  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 7:42PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205376


Are those shoulder guards part of the Tail Gunner outfit?

  Redfern    ( ) ( posted at 7:58PM Tue, 26 May 2015 · edited on 7:59PM Tue, 26 May 2015 · @4205379

Ah, those are from BugzLife's "Stellar Knights Suit.


I do a lot of "mix and matching" along with "frankensteining".  Like the boots, the foot and toe sections are from the Tail Gunner set, but the ankle section is from the Stellar Knights set.  By giving the same red leather shader, they "blend" into a single piece of footwear.



Tempt the Hand of Fate and it'll give you the "finger"!

  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 8:25PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205381

Thanks.  I'll have to go back and take a look at some of the content that I have and do the same "mix and match"  I have the Stellar Knights Suit and never really paid attention to the shoulder pads.  The red color and the jacket really made them stand out.

  Redfern    ( ) ( posted at 8:50PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205385

Thanks! Occasionally I strike upon something "interesting" when I "kit bash". Like the kneepads, they're the knee plates from that armor set released shortly after Aiko's debut They're separate body parts so I just unchecked the visible parameter for everything but those plates and conformed them as usual.



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  Suucat    ( ) ( posted at 9:00PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205386

XinXin, which uses Aiko3 body.


Who finds a friend finds a treasure!

  WandW    ( ) ( posted at 10:00PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205395

My avatar is a morph of XinXin, Ciel by Seleneyue at Deviantart....



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  Kalypso    ( ) ( posted at 11:49PM Tue, 26 May 2015  · @4205399


My most recent Aiko 3 with Shukky's armor.  I used my hybrid Miki/Aiko with Miki's head and Aiko's body.


  seachnasaigh    ( ) ( posted at 9:29AM Wed, 27 May 2015  · @4205418

A3 with Thorne's Sydni morph/texture in the soft flowing Hidden Winds skirt/shawl by Fabi (FK Designs), and A3 with Thorne's Sylfie morph/texture in the armor.


     A3 Sydni again, riding the boat, Posette as TinkerBell...


Poser 11 Pro, in Poser native units.  

OSes:  Win7Prox64, Win7Ultx64

Silo Pro 2.5.6 64bit, Vue Infinite 2014.7, Genetica 4.0 Studio, UV Mapper Pro, UV Layout Pro, PhotoImpact X3, GIF Animator 5, Reality 4.3.1 & Lux 2.0

  Redfern    ( ) ( posted at 5:24PM Wed, 27 May 2015  · @4205477


Some may reasonably assume this is LittleFox's "Melody", basically A3's body geometry with her head replaced by custom sculpted polygons...but it's not.  This is actually Aiko 3 sporting heavily reshaped facial features using morphs Beth Capsces developed and released.  The textures are a long out of production set by Daio called "Felis Sapiens".  Originally intended for Victoria 3, since both figures have the same mapping, Aiko can use them just as well.  The digitigrade feet came from JENelson (usually going by Achronicity within anthro' fandom).  He labeled the set "Kasa for A3".  Alas, he closed his MarketPlace store.  These are actually a "beta" of the revised package he had planned.  You may recognize the outfit as a DAZ item that was free for a long time.  The shin pieces (made for the cat feet) are part of a freebie set Idelacio currently offers upon his Deviant Art page, the "Retro Skirt".  Originally sold at RDNA, it is now free.  He also offers an add-on (which was always free) that retextures the outfit to look like Lt. Uhura's uniform from classic Star Trek.

This was originally an entry for a small contest within the DAZ forums, the prizes privately supplied by a forum member.  I came in third and got a 5 buck certificate.



Tempt the Hand of Fate and it'll give you the "finger"!

  primorge    ( ) ( posted at 5:58PM Wed, 27 May 2015  · @4205481

Nice one bill, I also liked the Dejah Thoris image you did with the Capsces morphs and Gareee's Martian Princess getup. 

  Redfern    ( ) ( posted at 6:00PM Wed, 27 May 2015  · @4205482

Thanks for remembering that one!  After a couple of others have posted examples, I'll upload it.



Tempt the Hand of Fate and it'll give you the "finger"!

  primorge    ( ) ( posted at 6:10PM Wed, 27 May 2015  · @4205484

Trying to toss something together with XinXin ATM... remains to be seen as I get too obsessive, maybe over the next couple days. Got me remembering that awesomely cute character though and some of the great freebies from PoserClub Japan, which is no more?! 

  Redfern    ( ) ( posted at 5:38PM Fri, 29 May 2015  · @4205687

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.


I wanted to give someone else ample time to post something  before I did so again, but as it has been two full days, I guess I'll go ahead and display the image Primorge mentioned Wednesday.

Aiko 3, obviously, but I managed to fit Gareee's Martian Princess ensemble upon her despite being made for V4.  Believe it or not, the loincloth and pasties are simply "parented" rather than conformed.  I managed to run Cross Dresser upon the choker and bracers so I could properly conform them.  I also mixed elements of LittleFox's "Harmony" collection, the bracers, pectoral collar and hair to complete her attire.



Tempt the Hand of Fate and it'll give you the "finger"!

  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 7:07PM Fri, 29 May 2015  · @4205695

This is what happens when I'm trying out new ideas.  I was trying to figure out the best way to position Aiko 4 on the Sub dragon.  She's in good shape so long as the dragon doesn't move it's neck.  I eventually gave up on the idea of someone riding a small dragon. Maybe a prone position will look better if I can find something that would make a good saddle that the character uses laying down.


  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 7:49PM Fri, 29 May 2015  · @4205699

This picture is actually a promotional picture for a set of manga poses that I'm making for Aiko 3.  I'm trying to create at least 200 custom poses for Aiko 3. After that I'll work ok on some manga style poses for the more recent versions of Aiko. The full size version can be seen in my renderosity gallery.  The hair is the Mitsu Hair found at Daz..  Does anyone know know of a hair model that looks similar to the hair in the image? It doesn't have to be for Aiko 3.  V4 or genesis would be fine.


  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 8:15PM Fri, 29 May 2015  · @4205702


I was hoping someone would post something else as well since it doesn't have to only be Aiko 3

  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 8:20PM Fri, 29 May 2015  · @4205704


I have Shukky's armor and if I remember it's really stiff. Definitely good for standing poses.  But now that I've seen your picture I have a new idea that I didn't think of before. What version of poser did you render that in?

  Kalypso    ( ) ( posted at 9:04AM Mon, 01 June 2015  · @4205980

Sorry just saw this as I came back to check the thread since I don't get any ebots anymore :/

That image was done in PP2012 with BB's envirosphere with an hdr on it and one point light. 

  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 9:53PM Tue, 02 June 2015  · @4206208

This is a work in process (for at least a year now).  I spent so much time trying to get the skin materials the way that I wanted them, that I never took time to think of what scene to place this character in.  It's a custom character for Aiko 4 and I used the V4 Elite Maya skin materials.  It was rendered using Poser Pro 2014, IDL, SSS and all of that other good stuff  The only difficulty that I had was dealing with the visual seams that appeared. It was an easy fix but it took me forever to find it.


  GhostWulf    ( ) ( posted at 6:59AM Wed, 03 June 2015 · edited on 7:13AM Wed, 03 June 2015 · @4206242

Here's my custom Aiko 3 Dark Elf I've been working on for some time now.


Sorry about the size, I'll crop it later if need be.

  primorge    ( ) ( posted at 1:19PM Thu, 04 June 2015  · @4206474


Alyssa (Variation on Thorne and Sarsa's Salome, Baby Doll hair, Tentman's free A3 SchoolGirl uniform, HeadKase's free Sensible Shoes, Content Paradise Rabbit)

Poser 8

  primorge    ( ) ( posted at 1:22PM Thu, 04 June 2015  · @4206475


Hadal Princess (Yamato's XinXin with custom morphs, textures, and props)

Poser 8

  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 8:24PM Thu, 04 June 2015  · @4206524


Alyssa (Variation on Thorne and Sarsa's Salome, Baby Doll hair, Tentman's free A3 SchoolGirl uniform, HeadKase's free Sensible Shoes, Content Paradise Rabbit)

Poser 8

That rabbits looks really good.  The school dress looks really well.  I've seen the promo picture for it and I think this one makes a better representation of what it can be.  Does the rabbit come with the Poser Content?

  FightingWolf    ( ) ( posted at 8:32PM Thu, 04 June 2015  · @4206525


Hadal Princess (Yamato's XinXin with custom morphs, textures, and props)

Poser 8

Creepy and it makes me feel uneasy.  That means it's a good picture in my book. Any picture that sparks an emotion especially uneasiness is always a good thing.  I had to sit in a spanish class for 3 years (7th, 8th, and 9th grade) looking at Francisco Goya's painting Saturn Devouring His Son. It was one of the few paintings that I really didn't like but for some reason always had to look at it.  This render has a similar feel to it.

  primorge    ( ) ( posted at 9:57PM Thu, 04 June 2015 · edited on 10:00PM Thu, 04 June 2015 · @4206541

Thanks... no the rabbit has to be purchased. It's from the EF Zodiac collection, which I think are some of the finest crafted animal figures for Poser. I have quite a few in my collection, and if you're into collecting critters they are well worth the price. The whiskers and fur displacement shader were added by myself as finishing details.

I'll confess that I had to do some serious bend fixes in ZBrush to get the schoolgirl uniform up to snuff for the render. Out of the box it's got some issues, but most older Poser content does in that regard. I consider it part of the creative challenge to fix the problems even if it takes me longer to do than the actual render.

Also, trying to get all of this older content to behave with IDL is quite a task, good thing that photorealism isn't at all a concern... Illustrative type imagery is more my goal and fits more comfortably with the models and capabilities of myself and Firefly.

Goya has some great, dark, imagery, the work he did later in life is of particular interest.

I guess I succeeded in transforming XinXin into something you rarely see in relation to that character, that was the goal.

  GhostWulf    ( ) ( posted at 1:52PM Mon, 08 June 2015 · edited on 1:56PM Mon, 08 June 2015 · @4206945

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

Aiko 3 as a Biker.


  Miss Nancy    ( ) ( posted at 2:42PM Mon, 08 June 2015  · @4206955

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

here's A3 with royloo's enjeru bureido.  dunno if he and shukky = same guy.


  MistyLaraCarrara    ( ) ( posted at 6:04PM Mon, 08 June 2015  · @4206986

is there free animated walk poses for aiko3?

i tried back in poser 7 days, never could get it to look good

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