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 Subject: February-April 2014 v2/v3 Theme Challenge "The Beach"

Danny_G opened this issue on Feb 02, 2014 · 2 posts

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  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 8:24AM Sun, 02 February 2014 · edited on 7:45AM Fri, 07 March 2014

The end of winter everyone has warm weather on thier mind, I followed peedys lead and went with a summer based theme for this Challenge as well "The Beach"

Straight forward, Beach scene. No more than 3 populations as rescricted by the free version, However unlimted single objects are allowed. There are some nice palms and other tropical foliage over at http://www.terralights.de as well as http://www.Terragen.org

View Challenge Page HERE

Mulipule entries per contestant is permitted

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  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 8:46AM Sun, 09 March 2014  · @4138935

Reminder, Challenge is open

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