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 Subject: mograph traffic?

perilous7 opened this issue on Oct 02, 2013 · 5 posts

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  perilous7    ( ) ( posted at 8:57AM Wed, 02 October 2013 

Hi all,

Im trying to make an animation of traffic using mograph,

i put all the different cars in the cloner object and alter all the spacings out etc, the part im struggling with is there any way of infuencing what object is produced? for instance i have ten cars a tanker and a motorbike, i dont want ten tankers in row,maybe one time in ten perhaps.

ive tried adding invisible objects to try and pad out the selections but that still doesnt address the fact that the cloner is producing more of a certain object that i want.

i think surfacespread does what i need but it tends to crash my system a lot so im trying not to use it.



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  tkane18    ( ) ( posted at 9:35AM Thu, 03 October 2013  · @4108452

Try duplicating the cars under the cloner object to get more cars than tankers.

So instead of ten cars under the cloner, try 15 or 20 or more.

  contrafibbularities    ( ) ( posted at 10:46AM Thu, 03 October 2013 · edited on 10:55AM Thu, 03 October 2013 · @4108467

There's probably more cunning ways of doing this, but here's what I came up with with my limited knowledge of MoGraph: 

Option 1: Seed

Requires the Cloner to be set to "Random" distribution:
Increase/decrease the "Seed" by increments of one until you get a distribution of the tankers you're happy with. 

Option 2: Random Effector

This will give you a little more control than using Seed. 

First set the desired clone distribution for the Cloner object. You should be able to use any of the distribution methods available (Random, Iterate, etc.). Then use the "MoGraph Selection" (under the MoGraph Menu) to select all of the tanker clones in your scene. Selecting clones will automatically add a selection tag to the Cloner object. 

Next, with the Cloner object selected, add a Random Effector. Switch off "Position" on the Random Effector's "Parameter" tab. On the "Effector" tab there's a "Selection" input. Drag the selection tag that was added to the Cloner object into this input field. Go back to the "Parameter" tab. There you will find an option called "Modify Clone". The further you drag the slider either way, the more tankers will be replaced by one of the other car/bike clones. 



  perilous7    ( ) ( posted at 5:11AM Fri, 04 October 2013  · @4108598

thanks guys :-)

i tried doing that tkane but it didnt really help that much, i sort of got a better result using particles but it requires my animation to be on for quite a few frames before it builds up the traffic numbers thaty i need.

BUT many thanks to contrafibbularities for giving me a new option :-) i never knew i could do that! selecting loads of tankers etc will be fiddly to do at first but i really only have to do it once so i think i will go with this option.


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  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 8:47AM Mon, 14 October 2013  · @4110024

I think contrafibbularities is spot on here: use the MoGraph Selection option.


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