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 Subject: Out of Memory error message....

Kanchi opened this issue on Sep 23, 2013 · 6 posts

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  Kanchi    ( ) ( posted at 9:28AM Mon, 23 September 2013 

Dear friends,

After rendering about 50 to 70 1080x720 images, i get a Out of Memory message. Then i have to close C4D and load the file, (its a big one, that round base with the Disc shaped space ship in it) again to continue render about 50 to 70 more. It a sequence, later to me combined into a video (AVI). What do i do wrong ? in the renderwindow i can see all the images listed on the right side. Does it keep the ready rendered images in memory ?


Hope you guys know the solution


  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 9:38AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106541

Yes, I believe C4D will keep all rendered images in memory so one idea might be to purge that list as you go. Other than that I would suggest optimizing the scene: diabling HyperNURBS when necessary, reducing geometry, switch from Area to Soft shadows and so on.


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  CaptainJack1    ( ) ( posted at 9:47AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106545

I had this problem last year... in my case it turned out to be a bad memory dimm, all the way at the outside of the range (about 15.5 Gb out of 16). It only showed up when I was doing long renders, or if I also had something with a large memory footprint loaded, like After Effects. I was also having a similar problem editing AVCHD footage in Premiere.

I did a google search for free memory scanning tools that helped pinpoint the problem.

I opened my case and found the dimm was loose, which led to the contacts being scratched. Replacing the dimm fixed the problem, and I've (for example) let the box run two days straight rendering, without a problem since.

  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 9:55AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106548

Yes, bad dimm's might be an answer as well.


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  Kanchi    ( ) ( posted at 11:31AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106570

thanks friends, i habe 16 GB RAM that schould give me some space, right ?


  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 11:36AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106574

Yes, that should be enough (I have 12GB in my Mac).


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