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 Subject: Units Display Question

CaptainJack1 opened this issue on Sep 17, 2013 · 4 posts

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  CaptainJack1    ( ) ( posted at 11:52AM Tue, 17 September 2013 

This image from the help section for Preferences:Units seems to imply that with "Auto Convert Units" set one way or the other, I could display different values in different units. However, whatever I set the value to, values are always converted to the units displayed in the preferences dropdown.

This comes up for me when I'm modeling a scene... I might model a room in feet or meters, but small objects in the room in inches or centimeters. It would be helpful to have the original entry displayed (say, 11.5 ft instead of 138 in for a wall length).

I'm using R15 for windows, but I've noticed this at least going back to R13.

Am I doing something wrong, or interpreting the documentation incorrectly? Any and all thoughts appreciated.


  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 9:52AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106546

I don't think you can have different units displayed at will, so to say. The Auto Convert Units option is there to stop values like 0.00001 m being displayed and instead auto converts it to 0.1 ┬Ám.


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  CaptainJack1    ( ) ( posted at 10:18AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106549

Ah... I think I'm misinterpreting the help file, then. Sounds like what I want is a feature request. What I'd like would be the option to manually enter a unit name, and not have it changed if the unit name happens to be different from the default units.

I'll send a note to MAXON and maybe it'll go on the wish list for a future release.



  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 10:22AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106552

Good idea!


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