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 Subject: What videocard.... ?

Kanchi opened this issue on Aug 31, 2013 · 5 posts

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  Kanchi    ( ) ( posted at 5:51AM Sat, 31 August 2013 

Dear friends, i bought a new computer with a AMD 8 core 4 ghz computer, and 16 mb ? RAM installed. the videocard is a 512 md card so a little small, right ? The rendertime in compare to my old quad 2.4 ghz computer istn very big. Also rendering my large scenes sometime gives me a out of Memory error. So my questions:

  1. what card do i need, when i use my processor for rendering when i only want to spend up to about 70euros ? ASUS with about 2GB, Nvidea compatible, enough ?

I use C4D in 32 bits mode, what will i win when using the 64 bits mode ?

  turner    ( ) ( posted at 7:49AM Sat, 31 August 2013  · @4100664

Graphics cards do not render.

A 2gb Graphics card would be useful for large scenes with lots of textures...

Most modern cards are very capable of handling million+ polys now.
Have a look at Cinebench scores to help you decide.

it'll be 16GB ram.

8core AMD vs Quad 2.4

Maybe the quad used hyper threading and the AMD doesn't..... making them only slightly different in render speeds.





  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 2:54PM Sat, 31 August 2013  · @4100740

Cards are not that important for C4D. A fast card will of course help speed up viewport but it has zero influence on render times (unless you use an external render engine like say Octane Render, which is GPU based).


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  Kanchi    ( ) ( posted at 1:58AM Sun, 01 September 2013  · @4100817

turner, Carthesius, dear friends, thanks again, ill post a image here of my Siencefinction fanfilmprojekt here so you can see whats all about, and as a thanksgift :) (not to be used in any other thingy :)). Oh, and feel free to comment on it, for instance the Texturing :) 

  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 9:54AM Mon, 23 September 2013  · @4106547

That is looking very nice!


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