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 Subject: LW 11.6 - thoughts?

beyondMyth opened this issue on Jul 23, 2013 · 5 posts

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  beyondMyth    ( ) ( posted at 2:01PM Tue, 23 July 2013 

LW 11.6 - thoughts?


  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 2:02PM Thu, 25 July 2013  · @4090040

For me personally, I like the spline control and raycast node...   I will have definite use for those tools.... The demos though looked a bit shaky... Deuce was restarting LW with every scene.  These were the only real updates to LW that I see being of use to me.  The realtime ogl shaders and  other file format tools I really have no use for. So I think for what I use LW for the 11.6 release is pretty light.

Where Chronosculpt and nevron motion look cool, I don't really have a need for them. I'm not upset about newtek charging for those bits like some on other forms are... I have to say though that I'm not a fan of them developing things outside of lightwave. 

Where I'm sure they will be able to sell this to people that use other pipelines and in flow some cash,  I can see that if it becomes very popular with other pipelines it could fracture Newtek a bit further.... what happens next? A Chronosculpt division of newtek? 

In the short term, should it become popular with either lw or other pipe lines I think developers will be assigned to prioritize the new toy rather that keep going full steam on LW.

The 11 series so far has been incredible...I don't want to lose momentum by being distracted by development of new apps that are not at the center of lw.


  petes    ( ) ( posted at 8:39PM Sat, 27 July 2013 · edited on 8:45PM Sat, 27 July 2013 · @4090574

I agree, Chrono looks pretty slick. Nevron however, seems like a poor mans motion builder. Not only that, the demo mocap seems very basic. Perhaps it was just the demo, but even ippisoft seems more advanced. Seems like it should, be equally as good at least.

anyhow, I like the direction a lot. Lets see where it goes!

lightwave, photoshop, oreo's...tools of the trade.

  megalodon    ( ) ( posted at 3:06AM Sun, 28 July 2013  · @4090619

I actually REALLY like Nevron. I've been hoping for a Motion Builder replacement (JimmyRig Pro still isn't ready and Animeeple is gone) and this is EXACTLY that for me. The only thing I use Motion Builder ONLY for retargeting and having this capability within LW itself will be VERY useful. We've got an Optitrack system which is very accurate and easy to use, so getting the BVH into LW will now be MUCH easier and quicker than using MB - well...    as long as it works as advertised. I would like this to be part of the LW upgrade, but at least it's not anywhere near as expensive as MB.

  SPACEY    ( ) ( posted at 3:17PM Sun, 04 August 2013  · @4092407

I'm really excited about what Chronosculp could mean in the long run.  So far looks like only a few basic sculpting tools though.  But the animation aspect really thows a twist into the thought process.  With the new spline control I think all of my deformation needs are met.  That bottom top twist stuff was just too janky.  

Not interested in replacing other sculpting plaforms at this point but if they go in that direction, which seems to be the threat, so bees it.

Throw Nevron in there along with the other new scripting and interface controls and you start to realize how mouth wateringly interactive this platform is becoming.  More so than any other I can think.  Would love to go to work and do this...

Must've slipped my mind...but it's the thought that counts...


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