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 Subject: Maya 2011 and Deep Paint 3D v.

Regina_3DArtist opened this issue on Jul 03, 2013 · 2 posts

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  Regina_3DArtist () ( posted at 3:21PM Wed, 03 July 2013 · edited on 3:21PM Wed, 03 July 2013

Hello everybody! I have a question. Can Deep Paint 3D v. work with Maya 2011 and if yes, then where i can find a plagin?



  nemirc () ( posted at 3:39PM Wed, 03 July 2013  · @4081612

Can't Deep Paint 3D import 3d models? If it can, then you can simply import it and then export the textures. I don't think there's actually a plugin for it (is the software still commercially available?)

Sergio Aris ROSA
Sr. Staff Writer

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