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 Subject: NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M graphics card - Is it good for Maya?

sasuther opened this issue on Jun 29, 2013 · 2 posts

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  sasuther    ( ) ( posted at 10:24AM Sat, 29 June 2013 

I'm trying to decide on a new laptop for school. I'll be doing a lot of 3d modeling and animating in Maya and 3ds Max, as well as 2D work in the adobe creative suite.  I'm looking at this laptop right now: 


Asus - 17.3" Laptop - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive + 1TB Hard Drive - #### NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M graphics - $1,079


I'm totally fine with the price and space on this laptop, but i don't know if the graphics card will work well enough with Maya and 3ds Max (mostly Maya).  


Anyone know more than I do on this?

  Parthius    ( ) ( posted at 1:16PM Sat, 20 July 2013  · @4088857

Maya will work best with an Nvidia quadro card. The quadro cards are geared toward 3D modeling and support a number of functions that Maya uses that the GeForce cards don't (like multiple overlay planes). Quadro cards are optimized to support  modeling and visualization software whereas the GeForce cards are optimized for gaming (ie one active window with high screen refresh verses lots of windows, overlay planes, etc).

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