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 Subject: The silence is deafening...

petes opened this issue on Jun 17, 2013 · 10 posts

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  petes    ( ) ( posted at 3:57PM Mon, 17 June 2013 

....what is everyone up to these days?

How you liking 11.5??

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  Joe@HFG    ( ) ( posted at 5:41PM Mon, 17 June 2013  · @4074693

Meh. They moved stuff I used in modeler, and honestly I've decided to jump ship to Blender. Blender is not going anywhere no matter the success of any business model.

Lightwave has lost it's studio cred which means I can't find a job, and they are going to have trouble staying in business.

If my 3D is going to be a hobby that can't pay for itself at least, then I need to look at more affordable tools, and Blender has a much better support community.

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  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 8:05AM Tue, 18 June 2013  · @4074873

In case you missed it pete... 11.5.1 is out =0)


  Warlock279    ( ) ( posted at 4:11PM Tue, 18 June 2013  · @4075017

Still on 10.1 here, guess that's where I'm staying since Newtek can't sort out their customer service department.

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  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 8:54AM Mon, 24 June 2013  · @4077910

I've never had an issue with customer service, but then again I don't seem to run into the install issues other experience either.

  Warlock279    ( ) ( posted at 3:55PM Mon, 24 June 2013 · edited on 3:55PM Mon, 24 June 2013 · @4078079

I couldn't get them to honor the upgrade price I was elligible for after they canned Core. All I could ever get from them [when my emails didn't fall into a silent abyss] was the same response; told that I needed to log in to the store and instructions regarding how to do so, regardless of what I wrote or how many times I attempted to explain that I was already logged in, and that logging in wasn't the issue. After three or four rounds of trying over the course of 6 or so months, they won, I gave up. 

Only things in LW11 I really had a use for was the upgraded Unity support, and instancing. Bullet would have been fun to play with, but I didn't have a particular "need" for it. Maybe when LW12 rolls around if the upgrade price hasn't climbed too high, I'll upgrade then.

Core i7 950@3.02GHz | 12GB Corsair Dominator Ram@1600mHz | 2GB Geforce GTX 660

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  namobor    ( ) ( posted at 11:52PM Mon, 24 June 2013 · edited on 11:53PM Mon, 24 June 2013 · @4078321

Just started work on changing a story over to a script. We'll be doing that while putting the charactors and sets together. Hoping to chop the short story up into small pieces of a few min each. Throw them up on youtube as they are finished and then edit them together for a long ver when the least one is done.


Seems a fun and managable way to do something like that with just a few people.

  newhere    ( ) ( posted at 12:51PM Sat, 29 June 2013  · @4080192

Still alive and kicking on my end in "last stand" mode defending the Lighwavian race (there's still hope lol)...other then that, Been working on 3D work for Government contracts (which is classified), website work, and still promoting my personal products online on popular websites.

Hope everyone is doing well and bless you all on your life Journeys

  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 2:58PM Mon, 01 July 2013  · @4080754

A new work schedule combined with a new one for the wife, swapping off care for the little monkey has my LW time limited, but I'm working on Stasys with Kat in the brief time I have.  I have 11.5.1 Lwcad 4.5 and 3dcoat 4 all staged waiting to install...  just need the time

  petes    ( ) ( posted at 4:19PM Mon, 01 July 2013  · @4080786

i am up to my ears swith LW work. Working on a movie, now in post production. Got to hang out with Burt Reynolds and C Thomas Howell on set. Which was fun, but now..got two months to get this bitch out. Looking good so far.

lightwave, photoshop, oreo's...tools of the trade.

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