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 Subject: Playing the fool

AlbertGriffin opened this issue on Jun 11, 2013 · 5 posts

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  AlbertGriffin    ( ) ( posted at 7:06AM Tue, 11 June 2013 

Well, I am still alive, although work has eaten most of my time of late.

Not long ago, the CGSociety announced a small challange, do choose a card from a 54 card deck and illustrate it. I thought, what the heck, give me some structure in my work, simple enough challange. Boy was I mistaken.

Now I joined CGSociety in 2003, 2004 time frame. But I never post there, so I show up as 'new'. The chalange is WIP, so I posted as I worked. I chose the Red Joker, got in early and reserved it. Well, the only coment I got as I started out was "Respect human anatomy" with a link to a reference and a signature stating "no reference and lack of planning = bad modeling"

Not exactly constructive critique, eh?

I replied politely, thank for the link, and explaining I was going for a carictature, he was supposed to be exagerated.

After that I got several "Why don't you listen to the good advice you are being given?" coments and "Even if you are doing exagerated you need to know where the proper places for the joints are before you start". I took that for a while, then posted my model against the reference I was sent, another I use, and the anime style one I tend to work from. Wonder of wonders, I had the joints in the right place. He was skinny, long legged, and his arms were slightly short compared to his legs, but all in all well in the area for cartoon characters. I also mentioned that there were only 2 entries in the 3d side of this challange, hoping they might take the hint they were driving newer modelers away.

They did not. I was called an 'extremely arragent' for mentioning I was the only 3d entry posting. I was called a "defensive newbie". The moderator came thru with a comment of "I hope you are not stopping as we only have you doing this" and "As far as style what you are calling style is that of entry level modeler"

In short, I did not bow my head and thank the masters for their insulting advice.

Not ONE encouraging word about my model, the concept I was trying for or anything.

After that, no one has replied to anything I posted, so I am guessing I am person non grata there.

Here is where I have gotten as far as I posted.

  AlbertGriffin    ( ) ( posted at 7:11AM Tue, 11 June 2013  · @4073179

Second shot showing the side view.

Now I will admit, he is cartoony. And I need more details.

(I have been working on the eyes and cutting in wrinkles to age him, I want him to show sad old eyes, but I don't have a current shot available)

Still, I remember that here I at least got specific advice, and encouragement.

There it seems I have to follow their whims.

A bit bummed, as you might guess.

I am slowly working on painting a bump map for him, doing all my detail in modeling gets heavy after a while, and I NEED to work on that skill. But I am torn between giving up, they are not worth the stress, and screw you, I will keep going whatever you think.

  SPACEY    ( ) ( posted at 9:36AM Tue, 11 June 2013  · @4073210

Yes, unless you shame the populace it's tough to get props over at CGSociety.  You really can't be a beginner over there, unless you are the the timid fingers trough the hair, "I don't know what I'm doing" type.  I don't advise heading over there without teeth.  Very  competitive, though as with youtube, some people seem to have some sort of magical following.  

I'm sure in at least one case someone was trying to help you by offering references.   That is considered encouragement in the newbie world. There is your chance to suck it up and make some new friends by conforming to their superior skill  and knowledge.  It'ss not easy joining the dark side but you'll be much happier when you find that more than a hundred people viewed your post but somehow could'nt respond due to being overwhelmed with respect and/or awe.  Good idea to admit your mistakes ahead of time that  way they will agree with you point blank.  Even badasses know to do that so other badasses will check their work.

Unless you wear a cape and cowl gotta leave that ego at the virtual forum door.  If you're going to be posting over at CGSociety make sure to honestly compare yourstuff with the average user's work.  There's lot of trolling but CGSociety's usually pretty clean.  If you waste people's time though, there's definetetly time enough to score some eggo points off you.  Renderosity forms roch!  Hope your feelings are entact.  Give it another year tho...

Must've slipped my mind...but it's the thought that counts...


  petes    ( ) ( posted at 8:08PM Wed, 12 June 2013  · @4073497

Gains are relative my friend. Set your own goals. If this is a fun hobby, you probably don't tweed that aggravation. If you think you can gets gains by wadding through their attitude, give it a try.

pheads looking pretty good. Not usually your thing..definite growth!


lightwave, photoshop, oreo's...tools of the trade.

  johnson33445    ( ) ( posted at 6:10AM Wed, 26 June 2013  · @4078953

very strange pics hmm

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