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 Subject: Generating Genesis Morphs Question

ROGUE6023 opened this issue on May 27, 2013 · 10 posts

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  ROGUE6023    ( ) ( posted at 2:47PM Mon, 27 May 2013 

I am attempting to create morphs to control one side of the body at a time, I would like to be able to create the shape on one side then transfer it form the left to right side.

I am working with ZBrush 3.1

  foleypro    ( ) ( posted at 9:53PM Mon, 27 May 2013  · @4069877

Get the new updated 4.4r or 4.5 and you can turn symetry on or off..even in 3.1 its useing the X key or not....

  foleypro    ( ) ( posted at 9:54PM Mon, 27 May 2013  · @4069878

Then its just making morphs and mirroring it from side to side...

  ROGUE6023    ( ) ( posted at 6:40PM Tue, 28 May 2013  · @4070065

Thanks foleypro,

 I would upgrade if Pixalogic offered a decient student discount but they don't seem to so I will live with the out dated version, its still an awesome program just a bit dated.

 I attempted to use mirror and it produces an effect that looks like it tears the mesh in half and flips the resulting morph 180

 Symetry works fine in 3.1 but I can not find a ay in Zbrush to generate an opisite clone of a morph from left to right.

 I did find an updated version of an MT Mirror script that works form inside DS 4.6 that will generate a mirrored MT.

  RHaseltine    ( ) ( posted at 2:42PM Wed, 29 May 2013  · @4070254

ZBrush updates are free, to date - just contact Pixologic if you need help.

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 4:16PM Tue, 04 June 2013  · @4071693

In the future:


Load in your OBJ. 

Save Morph Target in the Subtool Menu

Create  new Layer

Turn On Symmetry

Make your Morph

Create New Layer

Mask Half the OBJ

Switch to the Morph brush

Paint on the unmasked half of your OBJ

Clear the mask when done

Hide the layer you were just working on

Create New Layer

Mask the opposite side of your OBJ

Switch to the Morph brush

Paint on the unmasked half of your OBJ

Clear the mask when done


You will now have two layers, when combined with the original layer that can be used to create the morph in question for the left or right side of your model.


Hope that helped.

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 4:18PM Tue, 04 June 2013  · @4071696

foleypro, are you taking Bryan Wynia's course?

  foleypro    ( ) ( posted at 5:55PM Tue, 04 June 2013  · @4071710

Quote - foleypro, are you taking Bryan Wynia's course?

Not now...I have followed his work for some time now as you can see in my thumbnail...I have a Lycan that close to his but not as awesome,I am still working on the Genesis/Werewolf/Lycan Morph for DS4.5 still...

  ROGUE6023    ( ) ( posted at 9:39AM Sun, 16 June 2013  · @4074337

Thank you All for the information.

I will give your method a try on the next morph Teyon.


Are those working with DAZ Genesis working at native scale or scaling up for ZBrush and back down for use in DAZ?   It seems that that had to be done when using Poser .Objs in Rhino I just don't remember the percentages used.

I can not seem to get a good view of individual pollys at original scale, using Frame just turns the surface into a grey mess.

  RHaseltine    ( ) ( posted at 2:42PM Sun, 16 June 2013  · @4074390

DS natively uses cm as the unit, so exports at 100% should work fine. The export and import option dialogues, including morph loader's, have presets for working with various applications.

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