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 Subject: UV Mapping of a bodysuit I built

RAMWolff opened this issue on Apr 29, 2013 · 13 posts

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  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 4:23PM Mon, 29 April 2013 


Having some difficulty getting a bodysuit properly UV mapped.  I tried the pelt mapping but that creates some really weird effects along the back, legs and arms.  Looks great in front but you know that just won't do. 

So I broke open another program I bought a while back called Ultimate Unwrap 3D and tried the Planar 2 sided mapping which just about takes care it but while it looks fine front and back the sides of the body and the top of the arms are not looking too good. 

So wondering what should I do here? 

Is there a way to grab the mapping and push and pull it to line up better.  I dont mind the work but need to know how to do that if it is possible.

Thanks much!

---Wolff On The Prowl---

  foleypro    ( ) ( posted at 4:38PM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4063109

I would bring into the FREE uVMapper and seperate the mesh into different sections of the map...But looking at the mesh it only has 2 uvmapping regions front and back...?

Well if my mesh had 2 mapping regions I would qMesh it inside of Zbrush to see if that would fix it...


Or use the free trueSpace and Paint the Polys different colors to make better UV mapping regions...


Like I would Paint the front and Back red...

The arms...Blue

The legs...Green


Then I would open UVmapper FREE and split the materials into seperate Texture Maps save at a high resolution like 4096x4096 then when you bring into ZBrush you can Paint across the seams with ease...

  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 4:41PM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4063114

Hmmm, seems plausable.  The suit zone wise is split with about 30 zones so it might be a bit fiddly getting the arms from the "Tank top" but it's all there.  Is there another way to do this rather than using True Space?  I don't care for that program. 

---Wolff On The Prowl---

  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 4:44PM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4063115

Plus the QMesher wouldn't be a good idea.  I spent about 2 weeks getting Concentric Circle areas in the breasts so when they are morphed up the mesh stands a better chance of not having poke throughs.  I've used the QRemesher many times but using on this enhanced mesh kills all the circles. 

---Wolff On The Prowl---

  foleypro    ( ) ( posted at 4:46PM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4063116

It has 30 regions...?


Ok bring into UV mapper and you can choose which Material zones to put on a Texture/UVMap...

Try and make the pertaining regions coinside with the UVMap...

Like I mention above...I could never get ZBrush to accept more then 3 regions...

  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 4:51PM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4063117

Misunderstanding.  I have 30 surface zones.  :biggrin:

---Wolff On The Prowl---

  foleypro    ( ) ( posted at 5:23PM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4063119

Well for me bringing all regions into 3 regions and having the huge Maps makes ZBrush happier..I had to do this with my Lycan...

The different size of polys are for stretching in extreme Poses I am sure....The nodes are for Animations...?

Can I get more pics of the front and back...Or even the UvMap...?

  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 11:36PM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4063205

Sorry, just back from helping a friend and then dinner. 

Here is the UV map that was generated by the program.  I had to bring it down in size because I'm not sure what the size limitations are here at 'Rosity for images. 

Thanks for the help!  :-)

---Wolff On The Prowl---

  bopperthijs    ( ) ( posted at 3:54PM Fri, 10 May 2013 · edited on 3:55PM Fri, 10 May 2013 · @4065925

Did you try the UV-master plugin? (perhaps a silly question)


-How can you improve things when you don't make mistakes?

  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 7:45PM Fri, 10 May 2013 · edited on 7:55PM Fri, 10 May 2013 · @4065960

Attached Link: SuperSuit-FinishedUV's

Yea, but I got it taken care of in my new little UV utility better.  ZBrush has a bad habit if you save anything in it by renaming convention from what I name them to some odd stuff that makes no sense to me.  So say I have a body suit that got a Pant, Shirt, Sleeves group zones.  If I name those in another program for easy reference then go into ZBrush and do some stuff to it and save it back out they are renamed oddly like group0001, group0002 and group0003.  Now try that with my bodysuit with it's 30 group zones.  It's maddening.  So to use ZBrush for making morphs and creating clothing is great but until they fix that so if I reimport in stuff I've altered in another program I won't bother.

Here is the finished UV mapping applied to the body suit.  While I don't care for the spiral down the legs it's 90% better than it was everywhere else.


---Wolff On The Prowl---

  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 7:58PM Fri, 10 May 2013  · @4065963

Not sure what the heck 'Rosity did to their uploading images but this sucks.  Used to have them show inline.  Sorry about that.  Tried 4 times to attach via the Attach A File option and nothing showed.  Grrrrrrrrrrr  :cursing:

---Wolff On The Prowl---

  chris1972    ( ) ( posted at 3:29AM Thu, 16 May 2013  · @4067192

I think what I would do is think of this as an actual garment that has been sowed together from several cloth panels just as an actual garmet would be. Assign a material to each cloth panel, then use box mapping

  RAMWolff    ( ) ( posted at 10:56AM Thu, 16 May 2013  · @4067255

Tried that but wasn't happy with how it mapped out certain parts of the suit.  Keep in mind that the suit's parts must flow together because most folks will turn off only bits and pieces of it.  I only made all the zones because they might come in handy if someone wanted to use them to make their own clothes.  For me the most important was being able to load up a tile and have it look good across the entire suit. 

---Wolff On The Prowl---

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