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 Subject: Vehicle Rigger is now free

TalleyJC opened this issue on Apr 22, 2013 · 6 posts

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  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 2:44PM Mon, 22 April 2013 

Attached Link: http://walen.se/vehiclerigger/purchase.html

Johan Walfridson announced in the newtek forums that he has made his Vehicle Rigger Plugin free....  The link, while it says purchase, is really the direct download link for 1.1, 1.2 beta and sample scenes

  Pol    ( ) ( posted at 3:31PM Mon, 22 April 2013  · @4061536

Thanks a lot Talley.

  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 9:36AM Tue, 23 April 2013  · @4061679

Check out the soundwave plugin too... It's pretty neat. It will save me lots of time in audio mixing for animations

  Pol    ( ) ( posted at 3:31PM Tue, 23 April 2013  · @4061775

I did'nt know about the soundwave plugin nor Johan Walen web site so many thanks, it's great.

  petes    ( ) ( posted at 12:04PM Wed, 24 April 2013  · @4061988

Talley, have you used it? I don't see a set up video. thoights?

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  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 1:00PM Wed, 24 April 2013 · edited on 1:21PM Wed, 24 April 2013 · @4061996

Which one... Soundwave or Vehicle rigger?


I got sound wave working... the trick is that you need to manually add the master plugin the automatic adding of the master doesn't seem to work. Its supposed to add the master plugin when you add soundwave to an object (what is also confusing is that you have to add both the .p and the .lsc.


As far as vehicle rigger... I got a rig to set up last night...  the gotcha there is to not have the wheels parented ot the carbody in modeller.


I loaded the 1.2 beta as version but I may uninstall it and put in the regular 1.1 because the what I can seem to get working in 11.5 is the W_throttle plugin to do what it does in the demos.  You are supposed to be able to have the car auto navigate to null waypoints.     I haven't got that to work but I have set up the basic rig that you key frame manually.   I've only done the basics so far.

 ============= for the RTFM Impaired ================

Model a ground plane if you want in its own layer or own object....  make lots of segements and when you get it over in layout, use displacement on it for hills and such... make sure its Y=0

Model your car facing z+

Have your wheels all in separate layers (remember to set the pivot points on those layers)

Name the layers so you know which wheel is which...   ie(frontright, frontleft etc)

Have the body in its own layer

Move the body slightly below Y=0

Save it

go to layout

Load all the plugins

make a button for the main vehicle rigger plugin

Press the button

Pick the rig type (master null one is one you animate yourself the others are animated using the sliders)

match the parts of the model to the requester (carbody= mycoolcar,  right wheel = rightfront layer etc)

go to the options tab of the plugin set to optionally set wheel diameter

press the ok button...


The plugin will either give you some hints as to what might be wrong with your model (like pointing the wrong way on z)   or you'll see it go through and add all the nulls and controls to the rig.

It might look weird when its done like the body too low and wheels to high...  prest the play bar to see if it jumps into place....










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