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 Subject: Surfaces.

CornFlake1 opened this issue on Mar 27, 2013 · 5 posts

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  CornFlake1    ( ) ( posted at 4:03PM Wed, 27 March 2013 


Normally I use pre-made surfacemaps that I've collected from various sites over the past year or so and edit them to my liking. My own surfacing skills suck to say the least lol, anyway.. whats the secret to getting a sharper looking surface, example...


or is purely just post work. ?



Also Known as Nafe-81

  3DArtDirect    ( ) ( posted at 5:30PM Wed, 27 March 2013  · @4054432

The example is probably a mix of procedual and bitmaps overlays, Rule of thumb with v.9 the more the better. I can send you a few files if you would like e-mail me if you are interested. Have you tried v2 yet?

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  CornFlake1    ( ) ( posted at 6:09PM Wed, 27 March 2013  · @4054443

I never had much luck with overlays, just gave up with them in the end. What sort of files are you thinking of sending ?. I have got v2 installed, but it's a bit of a mind bender,  my laptop is pretty crap by todays standards so I tend to stick to classic until I get a better comp. 

Also Known as Nafe-81

  3DArtDirect    ( ) ( posted at 6:19PM Wed, 27 March 2013 · edited on 6:23PM Wed, 27 March 2013 · @4054446

Do you have the so-pack plug-in and Tguilb for v.9 ? If not grab them here

Contact us and I will send you some files and overlays *
*** **

Contact us - HERE

  CornFlake1    ( ) ( posted at 7:19AM Thu, 28 March 2013 · edited on 7:20AM Thu, 28 March 2013 · @4054554

Yeah I've got all the plugins etc, I've sent you a pm with my Email.

Cheers :)

Also Known as Nafe-81

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