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 Subject: Relearn Zbrush

martial opened this issue on Mar 24, 2013 · 6 posts

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  martial    ( ) ( posted at 3:46PM Sun, 24 March 2013 


I have Zbrush for a long time but in the recents years ,i didn't use so much even i update to each new version

In the last few weeks i decided to relearn it using the book written by Eric Keller

, Introducing Zbrush 4

I find now how fun is playing to Zbrush This book is excellent for learning the basics of Zbrush I am a french speaking person but the text is so well written and clear that i can follow it easily with my basic english

I recommand it to every one for beginning zbrushing

  OrphanedSoul    ( ) ( posted at 4:14PM Sun, 24 March 2013  · @4053522

Where do we find it?

  SAMS3D    ( ) ( posted at 5:48PM Sun, 24 March 2013  · @4053536

Amazon is selling it http://www.amazon.com/Introducing-ZBrush-4-Eric-Keller/dp/0470527641

  OrphanedSoul    ( ) ( posted at 7:23PM Sun, 24 March 2013  · @4053548

Cool now folk will know where to get it! TY

  bopperthijs    ( ) ( posted at 6:37PM Wed, 03 April 2013 · edited on 6:40PM Wed, 03 April 2013 · @4056356

This is  great book, which I can recommend,but because Pixologic makes an update about every half year there is a lot of new stuff. I learned a lot  of the video tutorials in the classroom at the pixologic site.

best regards,


-How can you improve things when you don't make mistakes?

  silkroadgame    ( ) ( posted at 4:53AM Fri, 19 April 2013  · @4060644

It's good for people to be skilled in Zbrush.

game-making group:http://www.game-silkroad.com/

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