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 Subject: 3d Art Direct Presents "MojoLive"

3DArtDirect opened this issue on Mar 19, 2013 · 11 posts

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  3DArtDirect    ( ) ( posted at 7:14PM Tue, 19 March 2013 · edited on 7:15PM Tue, 19 March 2013

Dear Mojoworld user:

MOJOLIVE is a rare online and live opportunity to meet with your fellow Mojo users. With inspiring artist Lewis Moorcroft sharing his skills straight from his desktop, you'll receive some great tips and tricks in this evening dedicated to this still-powerful application. This is a free webinar session.

Looking forward to you joining us! Sign up today !!


Fuze Meeting Webinar Software Features Fuze Meeting is our selected webinar software to share the host artist's desktop with their attendees. It also offers:-

  • Share 3D Graphical content: Upload and download content during the session.
  • Native Apps: iOS, Mac, Android and PC-native apps
  • Intuitive interface: so meetings work smoothly
  • HD content: show movies, slides, and more in full resolution
  • Real-time markups: make fast, fluid annotations
  • Comments galore: deploy real-time pointers and sticky notes
  • Cloud commitment: share anything seamlessly, including HD video
  • Serious security: SSL Session Encryption for all web and mobile clients; SAS70 Type II Audited Data Storage for cloud conten
Contact us - HERE

  AnneCHPostma    ( ) ( posted at 11:16AM Thu, 21 March 2013  · @4052601

Just registered :)

  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 3:53PM Thu, 21 March 2013  · @4052715

I did as well, Lewis has a great layout planned, its going to be informative, and free to boot ^^

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  woz2002    ( ) ( posted at 6:16AM Sun, 24 March 2013  · @4053402

Would love to attend but unfortunately Im on a long fishing break 29-29 inclusive, already paid for.

  wirepaladin    ( ) ( posted at 11:56AM Wed, 27 March 2013  · @4054319

My old gear won't open those pages or run the software - someday I'll catch-up with the 21st century...


  3DArtDirect    ( ) ( posted at 7:24PM Tue, 09 April 2013 · edited on 7:27PM Tue, 09 April 2013 · @4058110

wP and Warren we will certainly mis you guys, your work has been instrumental in the development of Mojoworld.

  • Update - We had a great skype conversation today with our host Lewis Moorcroft. Lewis has a great layout planned for the webinar. Below are some bullet points he was kind enough to layout for us. It will be a jam packed 1.5hrs


** **• How Lewis got started with Mojoworld and who he was inspired by.

• A few tips on first steps in planet creation and tweaking existing components 

 Regional Complexity & Building Textures from Scratch

** **• Using regional complexity for a planet. Deconstructing planet Dusted .

• Building textures from scratch; sand materials and the Mojotree palm.

 Best practices for models & Techniques for Creating Abstract Artwork.

** **• Using models

• Model lighting and texture techniques

• Consistent scales when using models

• Using Mojo primitives and additional lighting sources for abstracts

 A Journey to Astral Realms

** **• Render techniques used for the Astral Realm planets

• Tips on postwork and composition

• A walk through the planet files from astralrealm.co.uk

Also stay tuned for some big interviews in 3d Art Direct Mag from some old friends in the Mojoworld Community. Good things to come ;)


Contact us - HERE

  3DArtDirect    ( ) ( posted at 9:21AM Sat, 27 April 2013  · @4062632

Today is the day MOJOLIVE !!

Contact us - HERE

  Runswild    ( ) ( posted at 8:03AM Sun, 28 April 2013  · @4062744

Guess I missed it ! Damn!

  3DArtDirect    ( ) ( posted at 9:04AM Sun, 28 April 2013  · @4062753

We will be offering the recordings as a free download for the people that were unable to attend. The link will be live in the next week or so!

Contact us - HERE

  AnneCHPostma    ( ) ( posted at 1:57AM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4062902

It was a great webinar. Lewis did an outstanding job and all of you did not attend, you really missed out!

It brought back memories of the good old MojoVox days!

  aktati    ( ) ( posted at 8:43AM Mon, 29 April 2013  · @4062952

Yes...It was very good....Big thank you to Lewis, Host -Paul Bussey of 3D ArtDirect, and all other attendees : ) .....It was very smooth and worked well even on a 1meg broadband connection ( the drawback of an Exmoor UK existence )

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