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 Subject: Anhedonia Films "Nobility The Series"

Danny_G opened this issue on Mar 09, 2013 · 5 posts

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  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 9:07AM Sat, 09 March 2013 · edited on 6:20AM Wed, 20 March 2013

This is a great example of a bunch of artists coming together and creating a Mini Series from scratch, follow links below and watch this production come full circle. *

Nobility is an Office or Modern Family style comedy set in space. Though set against a grandiose science fiction backdrop, the dysfunctional crew of the Starship Nobility will be the center of the story as they bumble through the harshest political climate humanity has ever known.

Go to www.Nobility the Series.com for more information on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign to fund this series!





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  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 6:19AM Wed, 20 March 2013  · @4052252


Big News in the World of NobilityTheSeries.com!

We now have the amazing Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) attached to Nobility for an awesome role! We are SO excited about this new development we couldn’t wait to share it! Like it, Tweet it, tell the world.. We won’t mind…

Some updates of this production:

Kickstarter Video http://www.nobilitytheseries.com/kickstarter-video/

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  vikinglady    ( ) ( posted at 3:53PM Wed, 20 March 2013  · @4052395

All Right!  I wonder which role she have.

  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 6:52PM Sat, 20 April 2013  · @4061045

Update 3D Art Direct Podcast promo. Paul sits down with Ex Producer Ej De La Pena


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  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 4:32AM Thu, 09 May 2013  · @4065493

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