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 Subject: February - April 2013 v2 Themed Challenge "Cliffside"

Danny_G opened this issue on Feb 26, 2013 · 2 posts

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  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 3:41PM Tue, 26 February 2013 


 We have a new theme for February - April,

Winner of "My favorite View"


 New theme is "Cliffside" each contestant will create his or her favorite Cliff view, all entries must be rendered in Terragen v2 and must stay within the population restrictions of the free version - 3 max Populations, unlimited single objects.

View Challenge page HERE

Multiple Entries by contestants is allowed

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  TerraCr8tor    ( ) ( posted at 4:12PM Tue, 26 February 2013  · @4045385

Alright here we go again, and show your skills. 

I hope we see a lot of entries


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