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 Subject: beginer trying to use vue in max

iborg64 opened this issue on Feb 15, 2013 · 7 posts

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  iborg64    ( ) ( posted at 5:29PM Fri, 15 February 2013 

I have been using vue 10 xstream for a while , and have just downloaded the 30day trial of 3dsmax to use with vue i am trying to figure out how to use the 2 together

1 I have a scene created in vue do i leave vue open and open max or close vue and just use max?

2 do i need to export the whole scenes as a 3ds file? then open in max?

3 can a vue scene file be opened in max

to start with I was just trying to render a vue scene in max

with only 30 days to find things out any help would be much apreciated

  LuxXeon    ( ) ( posted at 4:52PM Sat, 16 February 2013  · @4041392

There must be some tutorials on how to do this with your copy of Vue, or on their website.  This is mainly a Vue-oriented question I would think, so you might also try asking in their forums.

A quick glance at the E-on website for Xstream 11 shows a Vue Xstream demo video, which illustrates using Vue with 3dsmax.  Might wanna check that out too.


Good luck.


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  iborg64    ( ) ( posted at 5:11AM Sun, 17 February 2013  · @4041519

yes I had a look at that but I dont know how to get that far , their video starts to far a long so to speak I will use your suggestion and post in the vue forum too

  FrankT    ( ) ( posted at 12:35PM Mon, 18 February 2013  · @4041875

you are going to have to point your copy of Vue to where Max is installed - Vue should be "hosted" inside Max (from memory - I've not used Xstream in ages)

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  iborg64    ( ) ( posted at 2:23PM Wed, 20 February 2013  · @4042521

how exactly do i point vue to where max is , I can see how to do it for poser (which works just fine)

  FrankT    ( ) ( posted at 3:08PM Wed, 20 February 2013  · @4042539

good question - I only have 8.4 infinite, you may need to re-install Vue?  Should be in the manual somewhere how it's done

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  LuxXeon    ( ) ( posted at 7:32AM Thu, 21 February 2013 · edited on 7:34AM Thu, 21 February 2013 · @4042667

I hate to respond to this without a definitive answer, but here's some thoughts:

You may need to have 3dsmax installed on your system before installing Vue xStream, because upon installation, there may be an option to install a plugin to the 3dsmax folder location.  IF this is the case, then FrankT is correct, and you'll have to reinstall Vue.

Have you tried saving a scene in Vue, then simply looking at the dropdown menu of the open files dialogue in 3dsmax to see if there is a file format for Vue there?  Or perhaps in the import dialogue dropdown list?  If Vue Xstream added any import addons, they would appear there.   I know that some plugins also add an option to the Create tab under Geometry, or Helpers list, and some add it to the UTILITIES list in the modifier panel.  If this is the case, you shoudl see "Vue" or "Xstream" appear in the dropdown lists in either of those locations also.  My thoughts are this plugin simply "hosts" a vue scene file in the Max environment, so check all of those areas carefully.

Another thought is that xStream host plugin for 3dsmax may not even work unless you have a registered copy of 3dsmax.  Some, not all, plugins for 3dsmax will ask you for a registration code in order to install.  So it may not work on an eval copy.

I'd try reinstalling after exhausting all other options, then checking those locations in 3dsmax I mentioned.  IF you still can't find a way to import the xStream scene file, then the problem is probably due to the Eval copy of Max, and that it needs to be a registered version.  Let us know if you find anything out.  Good luck.


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