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 Subject: How to go from Lightwave 11.5 To Poser/Daz Studio

Calseeor opened this issue on Feb 14, 2013 · 2 posts

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  Calseeor    ( ) ( posted at 10:08AM Thu, 14 February 2013 

Howdy all,

I've seen various information, a lot of it rather old, on this topic. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a step by step on how to export a model from Lightwave 11.5 to Poser Pro 2010 and to the latest Daz Studio?

Key points would be:

  • The overall process

  • How to scale the models to come into Poser/Daz at a proper scale to the default characters.

  • How to orient the models so they appear at proper coodinates rather than zeroed out.

  • Will the textures from Lightwave be properly applied and if not, what can be done to fix that prior to export/import.

Thanks and regards,


  SPACEY    ( ) ( posted at 11:57AM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040712

It's been a while since i've schooled around with Poser but am I correct in thinking that you need to create a weight mapped/parts named OBJ of your object?  You used to have to create a file called a .cr2 that was in a specifuc format of the heirarchy fo the onject that had to have xyz rotations in order of operation.  It was a really painful process but people are making objects all the time now.  Used to have to convert then test the rotations to see if it looked natural.  test repeat.  Probably better to brig them into LW...

Just my thoughts!

Must've slipped my mind...but it's the thought that counts...


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