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 Subject: wxPython Error in Vue11

kruse opened this issue on Feb 13, 2013 · 15 posts

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  kruse    ( ) ( posted at 3:47PM Wed, 13 February 2013 

We have our vue11 version running on Win7, 64bit. It looks fine so far but we have problems in installing


When we try to run skinvue inside Vue11


The error 'wxPython not installed correclty or not found.

We have searched this forum but couldn't found a note regarding this problem.

What we did

  • Moved folder SkinVue to programse-onsoftwareVue11xstream(vc100)

  • Moved folder wx and wxPython to ...PythonPythonLibsite-packages

  • Moved folder wx and wxPhyton to ...PythonPythonLib

We have checked the permission and changed to full access.

Hope you have some good advices or links. Would be great.



  bruno021    ( ) ( posted at 5:07PM Wed, 13 February 2013  · @4040516

There is a similar thread at cornucopia with SV Elite and Vue10, maybe it will help with your Vue 11 issue.

  Amigo968    ( ) ( posted at 5:34PM Wed, 13 February 2013  · @4040527

I have the same problems with skin vue and python in Vue 11, because it's very difficult to install skin vue in the correct way. In the tutorial of skin vue is the installing process of Vue 7 or 8.

The attached skin vue tutorial ist given unfortunately a completely outdated description of the installation which more confused than help. Unfortunately, the vendor hasn't updated this information for a long time.

And with every Release of Vue, I have the same long problems of installing skin vue and running python on the correct way.

  ShawnDriscoll    ( ) ( posted at 7:23AM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040650

I've never had a problem installing SkinVue for Vue Infinite since version 7 thru 10/Elite.  I'm using WinXP 32-bit though.


  Amigo968    ( ) ( posted at 9:30AM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040671

I use Win 7, 64 Bit and there is not the correct installing tutorial and also the python doesn't work.

  thd777    ( ) ( posted at 10:04AM Thu, 14 February 2013 · edited on 10:06AM Thu, 14 February 2013 · @4040681

I am using Win7 64 bit. Never had any issues with installing SkinVue either. All that was needed is to copy the SkinVue folder into /Program Files/e-onsoftware/Vue 11 Infinite or whatever version I was using at that time. Separate install of Python was not needed since version 9 if I recall correctly. This aplies to Vue Infinite. It could be that your issues are specific to xStream.



  Amigo968    ( ) ( posted at 12:20PM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040717

Look at here please


  ShawnDriscoll    ( ) ( posted at 12:29PM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040720

I wouldn't move any folders.  Just copy the skinvue folder to where the instructions say to.


  Amigo968    ( ) ( posted at 12:55PM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040725

But the instructions are for XP and not Win 7, so I have the program on c: and the folders on E:

The instructions are not very helpful.

  ShawnDriscoll    ( ) ( posted at 1:26PM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040731

Don't worry if your C: path name does not match the instructions.  Just worry about the folder and filenames in your path name (which do match the instructions), and where you are copying the SkinVue folder.


  kruse    ( ) ( posted at 8:36AM Sun, 10 March 2013  · @4049261

After some back and forth with forums and support I come back to here and hope for the final advice.

I couldn't manage the run of SkinVue.

I have tried to

  • install

  • reinstall

  • move folder form a to b

  • changed the permissions of the folders

nothing helped! Same problem and same message. I have tried other pythons with success.

Please to all lucky users, can you tell me the exact installation of your skinvue?

What I did. I have installed skinvue to


D oyou have any



folders installed somewhere else ? I think of .../Python/PythonLib/

or .../Python/PythonLib/site-packages.

Please can you check for WX folders? Do have such folders inside your vue-folder? If yes, where?

Meanwhile I have deleted all tries of moving wx-folders.  

Would be great if someone could give the final clue...




  kruse    ( ) ( posted at 8:18AM Sun, 24 March 2013  · @4053420

Just want to let you know we have solved the Problem. We think SkinVue is not running with




After we had installed




SkinVue opened is console and let us run this Software. We also installed Vue11Pro with the lowest user's permission. Don't know if this was the problem-solver.



  kruse    ( ) ( posted at 6:08AM Wed, 15 January 2014  · @4129100

Hi all.

In these days we proudly got our version of VUE Xtreme 2014. Again we have the same issue. Analyzing all of our experience out of the past, obviously it depends on the version you have installed.

Going back to 2013:

First we tried VUE11 Xtreme (VC100). There was chance to run SkinVue anyway. Be sure we tried everything. After we had installed VUE11 Xtreme without the (VC100), SkinVue started without a problem.

Now we have the same issue with VUE Xtreme 2014.

VUE Xtreme 2014 (VC100) causes the error message like shown above.

Version VUE Xtreme 2014 (without (VC100)) let SkiinVue run without an error.

My personal thought is that SkinVue doesn't run, if the (VC100) Version is installed.

I'm going to contact e-onsoftware again and perhaps there is solution for this available.


Does anybody in here have VUE2014 (VC100) and SkinVue installed?

  ShawnDriscoll    ( ) ( posted at 8:30AM Wed, 15 January 2014  · @4129115

SkinVue is written for a specific version of Python.  What version of Python does Vue come with now?


  kruse    ( ) ( posted at 11:06AM Fri, 17 January 2014  · @4129499

Hi All.


We have found a happy end, becuase SKINVue Elite is running with VUE Xtreme 2014. With the help of Lee from e-onsoftware.com we could fix the problem.


To implemnent SKINVue due to their description you need a vue installation without the interface to external programs like Cinema or 3DMAX. The standalone VUE Xtreme 2014 doens't has difficulties with SKINVue. So we have two installation running

  • VUE Xtreme 2014 without the interface to external programs and SKINVue
  • VUE Xtreme 2014 (VC100) with the interface to external programs without SKINVue

The versions are installed in different folders

  • programse-onsoftwareVue 2014 xStream-VC90  (for working with SKINVue)
  • programse-onsoftwareVue 2014 xStream (vc100)  (for working with interface)

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