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 Subject: OT... Life and women in my neck of the woods

skiwillgee opened this issue on Feb 13, 2013 · 11 posts

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  skiwillgee    ( ) ( posted at 1:59PM Wed, 13 February 2013 

Content Advisory! Language advisory.

Attached Link: Southern Women

This is southern women at their finest.  I don't know a woman around these parts that has not said every one of these one liners.  I thought you Brits, Cannacks, etc... would like a peek  at my world.

Mild language advisary.  There are currently three episodes on YouTube.

  bobbystahr    ( ) ( posted at 7:58PM Wed, 13 February 2013  · @4040543

Attached Link: Part1

might as well have em both hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa


Once in a while I look around,
I see a sound
and try to write it down
Sometimes they come out very soft
Tinkling light sound
The Sun comes up again






  dyret    ( ) ( posted at 5:54AM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040638

Um... Parden? :lol:

  TheBryster    ( ) ( posted at 10:52AM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040690

WTF!!! Please!! PLease! Puuullllleeeeeeesssseeeeeeee

Tell me that real people don't act like that in the USA.

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  skiwillgee    ( ) ( posted at 11:22AM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040703

Gracious sakes alive, real as rain, Bryster.   You would have about as much chance here as I would in Wales, or Mars. Ask Rosie, I"ve talked to her on Skype and she has met my daughter.

  goofygrape    ( ) ( posted at 11:52AM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040709

My wife,mother and grandmother are from the south,so I hear this type of talk all the time.Over 60 years of "ya'l come back now hear" and so on.

"hotter then a two pec**red billy goat"

most normal speach ya ever heard

  dyret    ( ) ( posted at 12:43PM Thu, 14 February 2013  · @4040723

Just watched an episode of "The Closer" :biggrin:

  TheBryster    ( ) ( posted at 8:38AM Fri, 15 February 2013  · @4040944

They remind me of Essex girls.

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  skiwillgee    ( ) ( posted at 11:17AM Sat, 16 February 2013  · @4041283

I had to google Essex girls.   If what I read about definition of Essex girl is correct, this is by far the most inaccurate description of the women portrayed in my posting.  Believe it or not these "Southern women" are mirrors of very real, loving and loveable, down to earth, moms, grandmothers, fun loving, opinionated, rulers of the roost, southern ladies.  

I'd be curious to view some videos of women and their "communication" skills from other parts of this planet.  When I think of Brits, my impression is Hyacynth character on "Keeping Up Appearances".  Correct me please!

I'm waiting for tjohn to jump into this discussion.  He is from Tennessee I believe.  He will confirm what I say.  

  TheBryster    ( ) ( posted at 12:09PM Sat, 16 February 2013  · @4041308

Hyacynth Bucket is a obviously a comic character, but  ladies like her do exist in the UK. They are the kind of women who will clean their house from top to bottom BEFORE the cleaner comes in, raise their pinkies when drinking tea, and would be horrified if they couldn't buy cube sugar.

My maternal grandmother was one of these - I say this affectionately - I once heard her complain bitterly about the gossip mongers in her street just hours before spending the afternoon gossiping with her neighbour over tea.

And if you liked 'Keeping Up Appearences', try watching 'The Good Life' (from the BBC). Margot (Penelope Keith) is in much the same vein.

As for my reference to Essex girls, I was thinking of cringe-worthy ladies of questionable intelligence, the kind of girl who thinks that breast feeding is '..so unnatural..', and meant no offense to the southern ladies you refer to.

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  skiwillgee    ( ) ( posted at 5:35PM Sat, 16 February 2013  · @4041402

No offense was taken at all Chris. I'm just making the observation these ladies and their youtube is spot on.  If you were here I could introduce you to at least a dozen of these gems.  They are polite, witty and will knock your socks off.  But once they let down the "appearances" the above video is what you get. This here is real life where I live.

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