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 Subject: Finally got decent fur to render

AboranTouristCouncil opened this issue on Feb 10, 2013 · 9 posts

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  AboranTouristCouncil    ( ) ( posted at 5:25AM Sun, 10 February 2013 

After many many tries, I think I finally figured out how to get some decent fur material. Yes, its an ecosystem, a short grass that was done in white, (and scaled way down) while color was based on a gray scale image for distribution, and a color map for the color. The three furs in the image are about 150K plants apiece (two dynamic, while the middle one is normal) As I am using Vue 9 studio I don't have the paint ability, which would have really helped a lot I think. Render time was about seven hours.

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  bobbystahr    ( ) ( posted at 10:24AM Sun, 10 February 2013  · @4039470

well done


Once in a while I look around,
I see a sound
and try to write it down
Sometimes they come out very soft
Tinkling light sound
The Sun comes up again






  cyberknight1133    ( ) ( posted at 1:10PM Mon, 11 February 2013  · @4039858



  silverblade33    ( ) ( posted at 6:51PM Mon, 11 February 2013  · @4039932

oh bravo! :)

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  ShawnDriscoll    ( ) ( posted at 7:20AM Tue, 12 February 2013 · edited on 7:21AM Tue, 12 February 2013 · @4040051

Very clever, Mr. Bond!  Looks like a modo render, the way that fur came out.


  amileduan    ( ) ( posted at 10:07PM Mon, 18 February 2013  · @4042002

nice fur,and nice rendering effect.

render farm :Intel Xeon E5560 * 2, 16 cores with hyper-threading,Win7 64bit.

  bernieloehn    ( ) ( posted at 9:01AM Sun, 24 February 2013 · edited on 9:02AM Sun, 24 February 2013 · @4044375

You could have also used this.

... but they are good for Vue 10.

;-) Bernie

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;- ) Bernie

  AboranTouristCouncil    ( ) ( posted at 7:00PM Sun, 24 February 2013  · @4044581


Quote - You could have also used this.

... but they are good for Vue 10.

;-) Bernie

It would appear great minds think alike. I honestly didn't know that was out there already. But I have Vue 9 Studio, so it probably wouldn't have done me much good. I like the alpha plane approach to yours though, a lot less resource intensive. I have used my method in Vue 6 with good results, but I still have a few problems to solve (such as specularity/highlights not working). My solution is really more like wirey fur, as the plant model I'm using is not the best solution and I lack the ability to create what I'm looking for.

My ultimate goal is to be able to use wind to make the fur move and flow as if someone was running their hands through the fur. 



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  bernieloehn    ( ) ( posted at 3:27AM Mon, 25 February 2013  · @4044685

Attached Link: Link to a zip of my fur picture files.

Wow! Dear AboranTouristCouncil, 

What you are planning sounds to me nearly like a new feature of Vue!

Superb! I hope you will manage to solve all problems.

Possibly I can help you with the Link.

;-) and best regards, Bernie

Keep cool and fight for the right of others
to have a different opinion than you have!

;- ) Bernie

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