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 Subject: How to cut single images to a movie?

Myrailon opened this issue on Feb 09, 2013 · 9 posts

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  Myrailon    ( ) ( posted at 9:31AM Sat, 09 February 2013 

I have renderd single images (bitmaps) for a short movie and now I want to cut them together to a film, avi or whatever. But it seems that there is no tool to do this. Tools like the Ulead Video studio or Windows MovieMaker seem to only be able to cut film files together to film files. I know that the Adobe Suite can manage single images, but this it too expensive for me.

Regards Roland

  staigermanus    ( ) ( posted at 12:00PM Sat, 09 February 2013  · @4039206

Project Dogwaffle does that very well, and even allows you to create extra tween images with motion estimation

What format are the images in, and how many are there?

  staigermanus    ( ) ( posted at 12:03PM Sat, 09 February 2013  · @4039207

by the way version 7.2 is now included in the Cool Creative Bundle, that version has the motion prediction module. EVen with earlier versions though you can time stretch, the old traditional blended way

Version 5 is free at http://squirreldome.com/Download.htm


VErsion 8.2 coming very soon.

  Myrailon    ( ) ( posted at 1:32PM Sat, 09 February 2013  · @4039228

Thanks. Never heard of this tool, but thanks.

I have BMP files and several movies. One has 51+101+23+75 images, the other one has 101, another one has 184. Not very much, but I wanted to have completely uncompressed images for the intermediate step and compress it at the very end.

  staigermanus    ( ) ( posted at 3:06PM Sat, 09 February 2013  · @4039259

What are the dimensions of the frames in pixels? That's also ging to affect memory usage. But all in all it seems like you should be able to assemble tis in PD Pro (Project Dogwaffle Professional)

Check thebest3d.com for detail on Dogwaffle versions. Some free trial/demo versions avalable there too. But probably can't save to Avi wth those. Still, the free v5 at squirreldome should work for image sequences and export to AVI.


  staigermanus    ( ) ( posted at 3:07PM Sat, 09 February 2013  · @4039260

By-the-way when it comes to compression you'll find that in AVI you can still keep it uncompressed, and even find lossless compressors such as Lagarith.

  namobor    ( ) ( posted at 2:43PM Wed, 13 February 2013  · @4040482

Rad Video Tools is great. It was developed for doing video work in video games, but does a really nice job of what you want to do. It's free to download and they ask you to donate $10 if you like it. http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm

  staigermanus    ( ) ( posted at 8:56PM Wed, 13 February 2013  · @4040550

Very nice Namobor, good resource to know about, thanks for sharing. I'll add it to my gamedev links at thebest3d.com/gamedev

Looks like they have a bunch of cool tools.


One more that comes to mind, if you have the Pro version of Quicktime I'm pretty sure you can also use it to load an image sequence and save it as Quicktime and other video formats, AVI too but perhaps not many codec choices from Quicktime.




  poisinivy    ( ) ( posted at 11:35AM Fri, 15 February 2013  · @4040999

Attached Link: Adobe CS2 Download link

ou can download and use Adobe premiere cs2   which adobe is giving the whole suite away. you can place your graphics in the video editor in a series.

Though I would convert them to JPG or PNg for small video wt size.

Adobe creative suite 2  Download link


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