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 Subject: Skies again, this time night skies

Burpee opened this issue on Feb 06, 2013 · 7 posts

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  Burpee    ( ) ( posted at 6:22PM Wed, 06 February 2013 

A friend rendered a very cloudy, sun almost set night scene.  It's quite beautiful but when you zoom in on it, it has a pixely look to the clouds.  Is this because it's a night scene?


Is there a setting to offset this issue?

  ShawnDriscoll    ( ) ( posted at 10:10PM Wed, 06 February 2013  · @4038536

Is the non-zoomed render pixely?


  bruno021    ( ) ( posted at 2:39AM Thu, 07 February 2013  · @4038584

He was probably using Spectral 1 clouds, or old MetaClouds. Using Spectral 2 clouds doesn't create such artifacts, but it can also be down to the cloud model he used, some have nicer density production than others. It's hard to tell without sdeeing the render.

  Burpee    ( ) ( posted at 12:43PM Thu, 07 February 2013  · @4038721

Hi all, I will ask if spectral was used.  They are using Vue8, which I don't have and don't know if it has spectral 1 and 2.


I'm going to try and attach a screen shot from my Poser with the background loaded on a a grid.  I can see some striping in the sky areas and it seems blotchy to me in the clouds.

  Burpee    ( ) ( posted at 12:44PM Thu, 07 February 2013  · @4038722

Forgot to say that that is defaut Poser 9 lighting.

  bruno021    ( ) ( posted at 1:52PM Thu, 07 February 2013  · @4038745

Oh, you mean you used this rendered sky as a backdrop in Poser?  Well, in this case, it  may well comes from too  low res  a render? Which format is it? I would suggest 16bit tiff, tiff is uncompressed to avoid pixellation, and 16bit to avoid banding.

  Burpee    ( ) ( posted at 4:24PM Thu, 07 February 2013  · @4038783

I think I know what the problem is.  They sent me PNGs on all the other images but this particular image is a jpg.  I think it was saved incorrectly.  I'll ask for it resaved and hopefully this will solve the issue.

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