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 Subject: Xpresso Question

Einzelganger opened this issue on Feb 03, 2013 · 10 posts

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  Einzelganger    ( ) ( posted at 2:10AM Sun, 03 February 2013 

Hey all,


 I have a simple xpresso setup where a cube rotates 90o when it is hit by another object.

trouble is the cube goes grom 0-90o instantly, i cant work out how to make the cube rotate over a set number of frames.

how can this be done?




  raymondsalter    ( ) ( posted at 2:11PM Sun, 03 February 2013 · edited on 2:14PM Sun, 03 February 2013 · @4037530

Hi bud you could try some think like this written in 14 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l6luecv2t5rh49k/rotating%20cube_0003.c4d?m



  Einzelganger    ( ) ( posted at 4:55PM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037546

Thanks Ray, got to sleep now, but i will try it tomorrow.



  kuroyume0161    ( ) ( posted at 4:59PM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037547

There is a two-part tutorial on 'automatic rotation' (over time) in the Cinema 4D Help.  Just type in 'Xpresso' in the Search and follow the "Xpresso Tutorials" link in the search results.  Hint: there is a Time node in Xpresso. :)

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  Einzelganger    ( ) ( posted at 12:53AM Mon, 04 February 2013  · @4037616

Ah, so what you are saying is "RTFM"? ;)

good point though, its just that i am not used to the 4d manual actually being usefull :D



  samiwas    ( ) ( posted at 12:05AM Fri, 08 February 2013  · @4038853

I wrote an Xpresso set which does just that.  It uses the "current" rotation, the target rotation, but only allows it to rotate a certain number of degrees per frame, based on a chosen time.  So if it's said that the object can rotate 360 degrees in 5 seconds, the nodes will allow the object to rotate 2.4 degrees per frame until it hits the target.

There might be more efficient ways to do it, but that's what I did.  I can post it if you want.

  Einzelganger    ( ) ( posted at 12:22AM Fri, 08 February 2013  · @4038855

Please do, i haven't had a chance to try the other reply's yet.

the more options the beter ;D



  samiwas    ( ) ( posted at 12:29AM Fri, 08 February 2013  · @4038856

OK...it's late tonight, and I travel all day tomorrow.  It might be a couple of days, but i will try to get it posted here.

  roobol    ( ) ( posted at 12:02PM Mon, 11 February 2013  · @4039843

Very nice  solution by raymondsalter, congrats.  If you are not familiar with Python you could also use a monoflop for rotation triggered by collision and a compare node to reset the whole bunch.


  Einzelganger    ( ) ( posted at 12:26PM Mon, 11 February 2013  · @4039851

Thanks roobol, a bit easyer to follow than raymondsalter's :D

i am only just getting into Xpresso basics.

thanks all.

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